Obama's 'Kumbaya' Diplomacy

Once, our foreign policy was decried as ‘gunboat’ diplomacy when we used the threat of force and presence of military personnel as a lever to create change.  Liberals far and wide lambasted this technique as provocative and counterproductive.  It was also argued that such tactics were inherently immoral and should not be used as they would sully the good name of the United States.  Well, we needn’t worry about such things any more.

Instead, the Obama administration is engaging in ‘Kumbaya’ diplomacy.  This is a diplomatic strategy to apologize for everything laying the country prostrate at the feet of her enemies.  Then we bow to and shake hands with brutal, power-hungry tyrants.  Finally, we offer to talk to them about their tactics and behaviors as equals.  This is the equivalent of everyone holding hands and singing ‘Kumbaya’ together hoping beyond hope this will make everyone behave rationally.  Of course, this tactic has never worked before.  But perhaps by taking a page from the Obama field manual it will work this time.  That page would direct us to use ideas that haven’t worked before but do them three times as much.  Liken it to his spending ideas.  Wasting billions hasn’t brought the economy around so instead waste trillions.  That will do it, the wingnuts say. 

So, perhaps if acknowledging the United States has been ham-handed in the world, making diplomatic overtures, and giving them a seat at the table hasn’t worked in the past, Obama’s ‘Kumbaya’ approach will.  That’s why he’s doing so much bowing and scraping before the world leaders.  That’s why he’s blaming the United States for all the world’s problems.  That’s why he’s offering to sit at the table with the likes of Hugo Chavez and treating him as an equal.  Just do everything to the nth power and that will ‘fix’ the world, is the argument. 

This administration is so debasing itself we are in for quite the messy ride.  Kidnapping, extortion, and runaway terrorism are in our future my friends.