Calling Out the Brownshirts, I Mean Obaminations

The TelePrompTer has reportedly asked the American people, through Obama, to get out there and persuade their fellow citizens to support the new budget.  I don’t think this is their cleverest idea.  These Obaminations are not the brightest bulbs on the tree and may actually prompt people to pay attention, realize the danger of this spending spree, and call against the action. 

I would love one of my mindless south Minneapolis neighbors to come by and urge me to support the TelePrompTer’s plans.  That would at least begin a dialogue about what is going on in Washington.  Please, talk to me about it.  I have several talking points outlining why this is such a terrible idea.  I will listen to your ideas about how this budget will work.  Then, I will counter with the truth.

These people haven’t a clue as to how it is supposed to work for the simple reason none of us have been told.  The TelePrompTer’s plan is to throw money out the window hoping a stiff breeze will carry it into the economy in some magical way and ‘poof’, ‘presto’, ‘chang-o’, our economy will be all better. 

Please Obaminations, talk to us.  Come ask our opinions and freely express yours, that is if you actually have an opinion.  We’d love to hear it.  We’d also love to show you just how wrong you are to rely on a TelePrompTer to make our economic policy. 

Calling all Brownshirts, I mean Obaminations, engage us.  We’d love to hear from you.