Rise and Shine America - Regressive Tax Alert

“Under a cap and trade system, the government would auction off permits to emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The auctions would raise almost $650 billion over the next decade, with the cost passed on to consumers as higher energy prices.”  Andrew Taylor – AP

We need to shake the country and arouse it from its slumber after too much Obama Koolaid.  This disaster in the making will generate even more inflation than the printing presses at Treasury will.  Everything that is shipped, stored using electricity, and created using energy will be subject to this ridiculous tax.  It’s going to make food especially, staggeringly expense.

It will be more expensive to produce the food, ship it, process it, store it, and sell it.  At each step along that pathway to your table, a little more tax will be excised.  By the time it hits the grocer shelves, it will be at least 20% more.  We are seeing a spike in food prices already because the industry knows it’s coming. 

If anything will injure the poor, this tax will.  Obama and Congress are living in a fantasy land if they think these taxes will not just trickle down to the consumers.  The consumers with less disposible income will be those most affected.  Families, poor people, and the unemployed will be unable to stock their pantries and feed themselves. 

We’ve got to get the word out on this.  This tax will be the biggest regressive tax in history.  People have got to become aware of this problem.  Cap and trade is among the worst ideas ever conceived, and we are running headlong into it.