Obama's First Sixty Days - More of the Same

So far we have a president who has promised hope and change using several different methods to do so.  He promised a new wave of bipartisanship, a more ethical administration, no more lobbyists, more transparency, no earmarks, a better relationship with our allies, an open hand to our enemies, and a hand out to small business.  What do we have so far?

We have a tax dodger running the IRS.

We have multiple appointments that must be withdrawn because of tax troubles, indictments, and pay to play scandals.

We have earmarks galore.

We have snubbed the British Prime Minister.

We have lobbyists.

We have talking points without facts.

We have an enemies list.

We have ordinary citizens attacked by the administration.

We have a president who dismissed the opposition with the answer, “We won.”

We have party line votes.

We have trillions in deficit spending.

We have enormous energy taxes that will cripple families and small businesses on the horizon. 

We have warnings to Iran, North Korea, and Al Quaeda.

How is this different?  How is this change, except even more of the same?  Does this administration expect us to roll over and forget his words?  Is he only going to reach out to the left wing of his party and abandon the rest of the nation? 

I think we are in for some serious trouble.