Obama is Spying on you, Dad.

That began the email conversation I had with my daughter as she sent this link: http://www.acslaw.org/node/13922 .  I began my response with a series of answers that I felt were both from a conservative point of view, while taking into consideration that the federal government, as it’s top priority – must keep us safe.  They must know what plots are being hatched and respond.  They must be able to read this email I was sending to my daughter in to see if I was a threat – WHAT?!!

The constitution is there for a reason.  It’s to protect us from our government.  It is there to limit the power of that government.  I ‘m having to eat crow on defenses I put forth during the Bush administration, but I believe we all have a understood right to privacy and that these invasive and “automatic” data-mining efforts are an affront to any reasonable persons understanding of the constitution.

I’m throwing this out there for others to give me their take.