Vile, vulgar counter protesters at Oregon Tea Party, Pt. 1 [Warning - VERY foul language]

The Tea Party Rally held in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR on April 15 was remarkable for several reasons. First, heavy rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the TOUGHEST TEA PARTIERS IN THE NATION. Highlights included Former Miss Oregon Heidi Rickie’s rousing singing of the National Anthem, Stephen Kruiser of www.pjtv.com, and up and coming musician Brian Futch. The program was enough to renew anyone’s spirit of patriotism.

Well, ALMOST anyone.

We were graced with the presence of indescribably disrespectful protesters. Some of the lowlights:

Yes, while Heidi gives her rendition of the National Anthem, these intellectuals do everything they can to disrupt and show contempt.

But that was only the beginning.

They also showed their intellectual prowess by hurling racist insults at a black attendee of our rally:

And that wasn’t even the worst of it. This clip is posted without further commentary, other than to say that it is currently the main story on www.breitbart.tv :

Oh, and finally, they call out the head of Oregon Tea Party PAC, John Kuzmanich:

Never mind, of course, that the Constitution allows them the very free speech they’re abusing. I’d love to see how long these guys last in a communist, anti-American utopia like Cuba.

Welcome to Portland!


Portland Chamber of Commerce