My State of the Union Preview

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A State of the Union Preview

My take on what we will see tonight. President will talk about what he sees as the accomplishments of his administration, Stimulus Funding, Health Care, End to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, START Treaty and extension of President Bush’s tax cuts.

He will call for a 5-year freeze on non-defense discretionary spending. He will call for increased spending on education, worker retraining, research and infrastructure. He will reach out to the new GOP in the House on earmark moratorium.

I do look forward to see if and/or how much support he will offer to the bipartisan deficit commission’s report, a report that called for controversial entitlement reform.

Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan R-WI will offer the official GOP response. I expect Chairman Ryan to talk about how this Congress will keep its word to the people who thrust the GOP into the majority party in the House. He will talk about jobs and draw a stark difference between the GOP and the Obama Administration, in that the GOP believes that people, small businesses are the engine that create jobs, not government spending. He will call for cutting spending reducing the level of spending to 2008 levels and call for about 60 billion in cuts in the current budget. Additionally he will call for lower taxes to help spur the economy and create jobs, and will call for loosening job-killing regulations.

Cong. Michelle Bachmann will also offer a response to the President. I expect her to remind GOP leaders and the White House that the Tea Party movement is real and expects Congress and the Administration to heed their call for less spending and lower taxes, that the GOP has a unique opportunity, but a short one to prove it can govern in more responsible manner than the previous Congress did. I think she will call for spending reductions in the 100 Billion range, defund the Health Care law and cut taxes to spur economic growth.

It should be an interesting night. I will be back later with a reaction. Thanks for reading.