Where Are McCain's "BALLS"

I would like to know one thing, when is John McCain going to join the rest of America and get angry at the lawmakers and money grubbing Wall Street swindlers who got us into this mess. I would seriously like to see him look straight into the camera and tell America “I will make them pay!” I would love to see immediate hearings on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac screw-up. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd need to be called out in front of all America and John McCain needs to do it if he actually wants to win the election. The AIG “Spa Trip” is a joke. Why didn’t he bring it up lastnight during the debate? Can it be true that his advisors think it is actually a good thing for him NOT to get angry when so many of us are? Please, listen to me, America is pissed! I have never written a blog but felt so inclined because I seriously don’t want Obama to become president. I am scared to death of that possibility. So, if any of you influential people are out there and actually read this, please tell Senator McCain to do the will of the people and unmask the demons who got us to this point and cast them into the hell they created for the rest of us!