The Country Continues to Trend Conservative

Scott Brown’s victory yesterday in Massachusetts was the latest shot in the Conservative Revolution. As America continues to trend back toward conservatism, last night’s victory will send shock waves throughout the political arena and will inflict political casualties on the Democrat agenda.

The first casualty will be Obama’s healthcare plan. Although the Democrats will consider using reconciliation to pass a scaled-down version of the healthcare bill, I don’t believe this is likely. In fact, it looks like Brown’s victory could spell doom for the socialistic Obamacare.

The second casualty will be Nancy Pelosi. As House members retire at an alarming rate, it seems more and more likely that Pelosi’s reign as Speaker of the House will end, and with it, the Democrat majority. I also believe that the GOP will take back the House and that every Democrat that voted for the Healthcare, Cap and Trade and the Stimulus packages will fall, including my opponent Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN).

We have experienced a huge ideological shift over the last 12 months. Because of this shift, I believe that Republicans can also retake the Senate. Republicans now lead in the polls in seven states including Connecticut, Nevada, Ohio, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Colorado. The GOP needs to pick up only ten new seats to retake the Senate. It is almost assured that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will be defeated in November, but how many others will pay the price for the Obama agenda? Now that Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) have announced their retirements, the conservative trend can continue. Even though the GOP’s retaking of the Senate might be a long shot, recent victories in New Jersey, Virginia and now Massachusetts have to given us a chance to sweep the November elections.

No matter where you stand politically, you can not ignore the the resurgence of conservative values in America. I believe Republicans will regain control of the House, and they will have a chance to pull us back from the brink of socialism. These new legislators must not forget, however, that those of us representing America’s conservative values have been fighting to put them in office and will expect that they live up to their principles – or they will suffer the same fate in 2012.

Although the tide is turning, our work is by no means complete. As your Republican candidate for Tennessee’s fifth District, I vow to uphold our conservative values, including smaller government and lower taxes in defeating Rep. Jim Cooper next November.

Please donate now to help ensure the strength of our campaign. Together, we can restore the United States to its place of prominence as the world’s economic superpower. The Conservative Revolution begins with us!