Defense Wins Championships

In football, it is said that “defense wins championships.” But there is one defense that is often met with boos and jeers – the prevent defense. According to ESPN, a prevent defense is used when a team is ahead by more than a field goal but fewer than seven and the clock is winding down, the only thing that can kill them is a big play for a quick score. Is it an effective strategy to play not to lose? Or, is it better to play to win?

I think that playing to win is where we as a country we need to be. I think it is important for the US to depend on our military might, mainly to keep the peace, but to win conflict when necessary. We need to rely on the experience of our military commanders and trust their judgement, especially in Afghanistan. Most importantly, we need to support the men and women who have volunteered to protect us and our interest and make sure that they have the tools to get the job done.

Domestically, we need to stop tip-toeing around the issue of illegal immigration and secure the southern border. Additionally, I would look in to building new military bases along the southern border. This would give out troops a perfect place to train for our operations in the Middle East, and as an added bonus, give support to our over worked border guards.

Citizens of the USA need to remember that we are the “Home Team,” and that throughout history, we have always been a force for peace and prosperity. I want people to say, “I am proud to be American,” and support the home team so we can once again be the envy of the world.