Conservatism on the Move in Tennessee's 5th District

I am a Conservative Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 5th district Running against Jim Cooper (D-TN). I was inspired to pursue political office after participating in the TaxDay Tea Party Protest. The thought that a group of tens of thousands of people across the country, many of whom had no previous protest experience, coming together to fight the Left in Washington moved me deeply. My desire is to return our government to one that remembers the first words of the Preamble, “We the People.” my greatest hope is to bring the philosophies of Ronald Reagan back to prominence, to restore the United States as the envy of the world. Below are a few of my key issues.

Term Limits

One of my key issues will be term limits. Our system of government never intended to accommodate career politicians. When you are in Washington for 20, 30 – even 40 years or more, I believe you can lose perspective with regards to ‘real people with real issues’ living in the ‘real world.’

For these reasons, I will push for a three-term limit on Congress (6 years) and a two term limit in the Senate (12 years). Legislators unable to accomplish set goals within these time frames should feel obligated enough to their state and their country to allow someone else an opportunity to make a positive change.

I will propose and vote for term limits in hopes of giving our government back to the people.


I believe that America has the greatest healthcare system in the world. It is unthinkable to totally deconstruct our current system for a single-payer socialist system. There are, however, areas that could be addressed:

First, tort reform must be addressed. Very simply, it has become almost impossible for physicians and surgeons to maintain mandatory, increasingly costly liability insurance because of the threat of lawsuits. Our country loses experienced, respected healthcare professionals on a daily basis because of this expense.

Second, we need to open the markets and state lines to foment competition. As we have seen with property and casualty/automobile insurance, increased competition will help to lower costs for everyone.

Third, we need to make it easier for people to purchase high-deductible insurance to cover major medical expenses.

Additionally, we need to make it possible for taxpayers to deduct the expense of their individual insurance policies.

Cap and Trade

Any cap and trade (cap and tax) legislation is a mistake and I will vote against any such legislation. Not only would this legislation cause inflation in everything from energy to retail, it would also make the U.S. less competitive in the global marketplace. This legislation is a lose-lose all the way around.


I would like to make it very clear that I am an advocate for LEGAL immigration. I respect those individuals who follow our country’s strict guidelines to gain a legal status. It is a long process which takes time and dedication on the part of the individual. Additionally, many who migrate legally are often more educated on the U.S. political structure and legal system than many of our own high school graduates. I would, however like to make it very clear that I am completely against those who mock our rules and our laws to enter, work and gain our hard earned benefits illegally.

It is my belief that the southern border fence should be completed and that area patrolled with force. Additionally, I would look into building new military bases in the desert areas of our southern border. These bases would create excellent training areas for our operations in the middle east, while protecting our borders and creating tighter national security in areas which have been allowed to become so highly compromised . We should intentionally create a much less comfortable environment for those already here illegally to continue to live and work within our borders. This would encourage a majority of illegals to return to their native countries, therefore helping to put many of our abused and fiscally mismanaged programs back on track.

National Security

With regards to our country’s national security, I subscribe to Ronald Reagan’s philosophies “peace through strength” and “trust but verify.” I believe that it is not necessary for all the nations of the world to love the U.S., but instead we should earn back and command their respect. We are the greatest force for peace in the world. Countless millions around the globe have the gift to live free lives thanks to the blood, sweat and tears of the men and women, as well as the families, of our superior military.

In addition to our support and gratitude, the brave men and women of our military should be given every advantage we can possibly provide to them. We should honor the agreements we have with our friends at NATO, the Middle East and Israel in particular.

There are countless other issues facing our nation. You have my pledge that I will not bow to political correctness. Instead, I will follow the constitution without exception, without fail.