2008 Turkey of the Year Award

Chef Newt

Chef Newt presenting LowDownCentral’s favorite dish: Cooked Goose

7 – John Edwards – for running on family values while fathering a child with his mistress during his wife’s fight with terminal cancer. Yes, we know this is a peacock.

Senator Edwards

6 – Peggy Noonan – Cocktail conservative journalist and former Reagan speechwriter – for her slagging of Sarah Palin while forgetting the title of her book on Reagan, “When Character was King.”

Peggy Noonan

5 – Maxine Waters – who threatened government control of the oil industry even before Obama was elected.

Maxine Waters

4 – Senator Chris Dodd – Single-handedly blocked any reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the Senate, thus creating the current economic crisis, while receiving preferential loans from the sub-prime lender he was supposed to oversee.

Chris Dodd

3 – Chris Matthews – who has vowed he will do everything he can to make the presidency of the man that sent that thrill up his leg – work! No wonder MSNBC has such low ratings.

Chris Matthews

2 – Barney Frank – The Elmer Fudd of the House Financial Services Committee, dupe and foil for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose idea of fixing things are huge tax increases and massive defense cuts. It will take billions of wabbits to clean up his mess.

Barney Frank

And the 2008 Turkey of the Year Award goes to:

1 – Joe Biden – Barack America’s choice for Vice President, who, by his own admission, was less qualified than Hillary. Apparently true, since he believed FDR addressed the nation on television in 1929. So go ahead Chuck, Stand Up! and applaud our new VP and turkey of the year.

Joe Biden