"Welcome to my Abyss" said the Spider to the Fly

Media Web

By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon

“When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Irony never fails to slip through the cracks in our lives at some of the bleakest moments – like the black widow that entrenches itself in damp crevices and awaits its prey, closing in on it in ever-tightening circles.

When the moment is ripe, irony rears its fangs and sinks them into our moral, intellectual and spiritual arteries, and none are conscious of how fast the poison spreads until it’s too late.

The irony we refer to in our parable is that the spider is actually the media and they are about to devour the meal they have been nurturing for two years, and oh what a tangled web they wove!

Neither his blanket inexperience nor his dubious personal associations precluded their spinning of Obama’s vainglorious curriculum vitae. In the end, his “successful campaign strategy” became his principal claim to experience for the office of president of the United States.

The future president will learn soon enough that this black widow is insatiable and feigns loyalty in order to snare its victims – that anything that moves within sight of its nest is fair game, and it waits unwearyingly in the shadows ready to entrap and devour their prize elected fly.

They will begin by spinning his silky campaign promises into their own escape-proof, beautiful trap and leer at him with disdain as he vainly attempts to free himself from their neurotoxic venom. Just ask Sarah Palin, the spider’s most recent appetizer.

Like the spider in Mary Howitt’s poem, they romanced the President-Elect, telling him:

“You’re witty and you’re wise, how handsome are your gauzy wings, how brilliant are your eyes!”

And he fell for it – lock, stock and mandibles.

He was indeed “chosen” by that hairy spider for a specific purpose: not to lead our nation to safety, prosperity and unity, but rather, in spite of their mutual ideologies, to continue to feed the spider’s writing frenzy. And just like the black widow, the media kills whomever they join with after the ritual “mating.”

And so, there, in the center of the black widow’s web, sits President-Elect Obama – bouncing up and down, like a happy little kid on a backyard trampoline, unawares of the multi-legged arachnid sneaking up stealthily from behind.

Obama’s road to the White House was an open highway, paved smooth by the spider’s secretions, making it free of the bumps, potholes, detours, and dead ends that are part and parcel of most campaigns.

Empty champagne bottles litter the landscape and are stacked to the brim in trash cans. The senator’s rooters are slowly recovering from their Kool-Aid hangovers, and are expecting miracles from him.

Now, however, the seemingly endless and enchanted silk surface has been spun into a gigantic fly trap: this super Fly must navigate the reality of a credit meltdown, the war on terror, illegal immigration, oil exploration, Iran and their threat of nuclear armament, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, Putin, Chavez, gang infestations, and crime-riddled cities (like Chicago) – or, like so many arrogant flies before him, be eaten alive by the spider.

But what he and the 63 million that voted for him didn’t count on is, for the merciless black widow, a political miracle is yesterday’s news.

There will be no more unicorn rides, Senator. No more cartoon bluebirds flying onto your shoulder.

The party is over. A pall of silence has fallen upon your suitors and supporters, and it’s time for you to soberly face reality, which is with every statement you make and every step you take, the spider will be on your heels, ready to spring upon what is anticipated to be your first of many mistakes.

So keep this little ditty in mind when you take the oath of office:

“…And now dear little children,who may this story read,to idle, silly flattering words,I pray you ne’er give heed:Unto an evil counselor,close heart and ear and eye,and take a lesson from this tale,of the Spider and the Fly.”

The abyss awaits you, Mr. President-Elect.