An Appeal to Reasons

John McCain

by Lance Thompson

Americans will vote tomorrow in an election which, contrary to all predictions and manipulations, will be a close one.

The arguments against Barack Obama and for John McCain are well known and seem to be gaining some traction in the final hours. I’d like to take this space to mention a few reasons to vote for McCain that aren’t commonly addressed

First, vote for McCain and against the mainstream media. Show the broadcast and cable networks that we don’t want them choosing our president for us. Our free press is an important part of our political system. But remind journalists that their job is to cover and investigate candidates, not to anoint them. Their job is to follow the campaign, not influence it. Show them that when the media picks a winner months before the election, they not only jeopardize that candidate’s chances, but lose their credibility in the process.

Vote for McCain and for a higher standard. It is said that in the United States, anyone can grow up to be president. But let your vote show that the honor of being elected to that office requires a candidate to demonstrate strength and depth of character, and to earn your trust rather than just asking for it. Presidential timber is not the ebullient confidence of a candidate who believes his transgressions will never catch up with him. It is the quiet dignity of a hero who does the right thing even when it will cost him dearly, and when no one is watching. Let your vote show that the presidency is an office that follows a lifetime of selfless service, and not a brief career of conveniently shifting positions and moral expediency.

Vote for McCain and for the troops. There is no more noble or honorable profession than serving in the uniform of the United States. The men and women of our military make tremendous sacrifices to defend our freedom and that of people around the world. Vote against the candidate that never thought our troops could prevail in Iraq, and accused them of committing atrocities in Afghanistan. Vote for the candidate who has served his country, sacrificed for his comrades in arms, and will remain faithful to Americans in uniform. As Sarah Palin said at the GOP convention, “There’s only one man in this race who has fought for you.”

Vote for McCain and for pride in country. Barack Obama’s campaign is based on the fundamental notion that America is unfair, blameworthy, shameful and flawed from its inception. John McCain believes that America has been an example that nations around the world aspire to, and a beacon of hope to people starved for freedom in every corner of the globe. Vote not for an America to be ashamed of, but for the America we are justifiably proud of–generous, self-sacrificing, noble and free.