Obama's Nemesis

Barack Obama

by Lance Thompson

Here we are, a few days before the election, and Barack Obama finds himself in a very tight race with his most potentially devastating opponent–himself.

In the long campaign that is coming to an end, Obama has knocked off Democrat rivals like the once-sure-thing Hillary Clinton and his own running mate, Joe Biden. Then, when the GOP chose its standard-bearer, Obama ran rings around the incompetent campaign of John McCain.

But now, as time runs out, Obama hopes to cross the finish line before the greatest threat to his victory catches up with him. The threat comes from the real Obama, the Obama that the mainstream media has shielded from public view, the Obama that Americans are only now getting to know.

This is the Obama who attended the racist, America-hating sermons of Reverend Jeremiah Wright for twenty years, then claimed that he was unaware of the nature of those sermons. This is the Obama who won his first political races by bringing lawsuits against his opponents to have them pre-empted from the race. This is the Obama who started his political career in the home of terrorist William Ayers, served with Ayers on the boards of community organizations, and maintained a relationship with Ayers over the years. This is the Obama who was the attorney for ACORN, whose campaign gave $800,000 to ACORN, who was a community organizer for ACORN. ACORN is under investigation in fourteen states for voter registration fraud, and was also instrumental in coercing lending institutions to make shaky loans that contributed to the financial meltdown.

This is the Obama who believes the Constitution of the United States is fundamentally flawed and demonstrates a “blind spot” that must be corrected. This is the Obama who wants to take money from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t. This is the Obama whose campaign received the second-highest amount of contributions from disgraced Fannie Mae directors, and blames the financial failure not on the duplicity of those directors, but on Wall Street greed.

The candidate Obama has successfully denied the existence of the real Obama, with the indispensable collaboration of the media and the inexplicable reluctance of John McCain to engage on those issues. But glimpses of the real Obama continue to leak out. Tapes of Reverend Wright caused Obama to abandon successive positions–first standing by Wright, then expressing surprise at the content of his sermons, then cutting off all contact. He has gone from characterizing as a “professor of English” the man whose Weather Underground terrorist group bombed the United States capitol and the Pentagon

More recently, Obama erred by telling Joe the Plumber that his goal as president would be to “spread the wealth.” This week, statements by Obama from 2001 indicate that he blames the Supreme Court for not endorsing income distribution. Tape of the same vintage show Obama characterizing the Constitution as flawed, and containing a blind spot. Obama’s socialist principles are increasingly evident and undeniable.

The real Obama views this country as flawed, unfair, and cruel. The real Obama wants to remake the nation to fit his image. The real Obama is the only remaining obstacle to the victory of the candidate Obama.

If candidate Obama wins the election, there will be no further need to hide the real Obama. The mainstream media will not challenge or criticize him, as they do reflexively with Republican presidents. Alternative media like FoxNews, talk radio and conservative blogs will be muzzled with the Fairness Doctrine. Democrat-controlled Congress will fill the empty judicial seats on federal courts with liberal judges, who will uphold the changes the real Obama plans to make.

The candidate Obama is hoping that most Americans don’t meet the real Obama until after the election. Every voter who gets to know the real Obama before November 4th makes Obama nervous. Because if Obama is not an enemy of the United States, he is at least friendly with and sympathetic to this nation’s enemies. His Republican opponent is not. Whatever John McCain’s faults, no one has ever had to wonder about his fidelity to the United States of America.