The Manchurian Voters

Barack - The Chosen One

By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon

The MSM and the powers that be in the Democratic Party have proven Sir Isaac Newton’s theory wrong: What goes up does not necessarily come straight down.

The stratospheric rise (or holy ascension, as the liberal knee-benders prefer to think) of Barack Obama is unprecedented in modern and perhaps even ancient history. It has changed the laws of political physics so radically that the once reliable landscape of hero monuments in our nation’s capital is being overgrown by scraggly liberal ivy.


In trying to make sense of non-sense — or explaining the unexplainable – we have concluded that the country has either lost its collective mind or millions of liberal alien pods were left beside our beds as we slept at night.

We have sought reasonable answers to reasonable questions but have been met with mindless, predetermined phraseology from the largely ignorant, or bombastic and grandiloquent rhetoric from the liberal elites – all of which has been translated and boiled down to two words: “change” (apparently for the sake of change) and “hope” (that the end of George Bush will solve all their problems).

This Obaphenomena defies logic, whether cursory or scientific.

From their well-crafted new age brainwashing, the media have embedded their chosen leader in our collective conscience to a level of omnipotence. That measure has taken hold of voters’ minds like the spiny tentacles of a Stone Age octopus.

But Barack Obama is not The Manchurian Candidate as some in the right media have lightheartedly speculated. No, it’s a million times worse: It’s his followers who are The Manchurian Voters.

There are useful idiots and then there are useful voters. Perhaps they are one and the same. Not even criticism based on facts can bring him or his followers back down to earth. Those useful voters then prey on enervated Republicans drawing the politically fatigued into their ultimate political solution.

At the recent Alfred E. Smith Charity dinner in New York City, we heard Obama joke about not being born in a manger, or really being from Krypton, fathered by Jor-El. The Chosen One laughs, giggles, grins, chortles, chuckles and snickers with the best of them. Yet, despite his attempt to come across as the guy next door, the humor is peppered with disingenuousness because he really does believe he is awesome.

Barack Obama has never been content with the possibility of changing America, but has now announced “We will win this election and, you and I together, we’re going to change the country and change the world.”

What exactly is he referring to? The last time we heard that type of phrase was from Adolf Hitler – “Today we rule Germany. Tomorrow, the world.”

For months, the best conservative political writers have taken aim at his campaign, but they have been shooting blanks. All manner of fact-based rhetorical weaponry has been deflected by their newly minted super man. The ordnance of conservatives has consisted of well-researched facts, recorded video clips, television/newspaper interviews and campaign speeches of That One. But the left has erected a fortress around Obama, and armed their super hero with a Teflon-coated thick skin to counter-weight a disarming smile.

As the Church Lady used to say on Saturday Night Live, “Isn’t that special?”

Drawing up from scratch a cartoon hero versus a real living hero (like John McCain) is not difficult when aided by a journalistic shield. But a nation of Useful Voters – that is an accomplishment. The Manchurian Voters have been armed with rhetorical slings and arrows, albeit of crude material, to use on family, friends and co-workers. Their sheer numbers are a force the weakest cannot resist.

Entertainment industry moguls, A-List ignoramuses and television behemoths, like Oprah Winfrey, all possess the ability and wherewithal to dazzle, mesmerize and transmogrify political fence sitters with make-believe fantastic characters like Barack Obama. As luck would have it, even his name sounds other-worldly. They offer limitless and unedited exposure for his thoughts and opinions in all forms of communication. In light of this gratis coverage, it remains a miracle that John McCain has come this far and a clear testament to his ability, even without the full support of his base.

The liberal objective: to vanquish all remaining opposition to their subversion of America.

Why have average Americans seemingly chosen to ignore Louis Farrakhan’s proclamation that Obama is The Messiah? Why has Obama’s judgment with regard to his dubious and unsavory associations not been called into question by Democrats? Why are his connections to the mortgage meltdown ignored by the MSM? Why is his utter lack of executive experience to assume the office of president dismissed out of hand by liberals?

Because they can. Because they have The Manchurian Voters. If they can use fantasy and fiction to create their invincible leader, we can use histrionics to describe our utter disbelief.

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