Sarah's Gift of Life

By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon

In 1917, Vladimir Lenin spearheaded his leftist revolutionaries in a massive people’s revolt, which smashed Russia’s monarchy to dust, and forever disfigured the face of worldwide power politics.

Nearly fifty years later in the 1960s, radical feminists and other useful idiots here and abroad placed a bear hug on Lenin’s adage that “a lie told often enough becomes the truth,” and wouldn’t let go. Those hipsters believed that their efforts would absolve them of negative connotations, hostile repercussions, or the drilled-in-stone truths in connection with the fresh-anointed “pro choice” movement – or so they thought. They were, to a large degree (and to the detriment of all things sacred), successful. They inculcated the notion of “choice” into their husbands, into their offspring, into their work, and into their fused-at-the-hip hippie mates. “Choice” (not unlike “Change”) began to spread and ultimately rooted itself into the American lexicon, into legislation, and promulgated to extremes in the media.

In a recent article, feminist Camille Paglia expressed that “Democrats are clinging to pat group opinions as if they were inflexible moral absolutes. The party is in peril if it cannot observe and listen and adapt to changing social circumstances.” Sarah Palin has unwittingly thrust a cool new wave of social reform upon us again. Not a huge step backwards, as may initially be thought, but a giant leap in the true meaning of womanhood.

Why bring up the abortion argument now? The answer is simple: Because the time is right. Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin ’s rocket-launched emergence onto the battleground for the presidency is proving to be the liberals’ worst nightmare on the topic of abortion as well as the true meaning of “choice.” She has struck a chord of dissonance in the hearts of the opposition party when Carol Fowler, South Carolina’s Democratic Chairwoman, says that Sarah Palin’s primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion .

Additionally, Mrs. Palin’s strength of will and character is the ultimate threat to the Democrats’ bitter fight for the White House. Sarah Palin also happens to be the embodiment of all things female, and is a walking, talking contradiction to every argument espoused by the Left and social moderates — that women are less superior intellectually, whose choices must be made for them, not by them.

The proof by assertion on the left that a fetus is not a human being worthy of protection (even from its own mother) is the kind of rhetoric that the feminist left built their power base on. Again, as Paglia notes, it evolved into their obsessive idée fixe of the post-1960s women’s movement. By never referring to fetuses as human beings, radicals have rationalized the heinous act of arbitrarily extinguishing over 40 million lives. Two generations of talking points for politicians and the media have been brainwashed into the population, much like Madison Avenue advertising.

Abortion has become an acceptable alternative for responsibility and respect for life. Derision is a favorite elitist reaction to the idea of abstinence — as if only the uneducated are sucked into an idea whose core is based on common sense. It is not just the sphere of the religious right as they would have you believe. Apparently, common sense among the elites is not so common. Even the word “choice” is chockfull of contradiction when applied to the abortion movement. We are all pro-choice, except that our choice occurs before and not after conception.

Leftists and ill-informed moderate feminists have accepted that rape and incest pregnancies are common instead of rare and have used that position as their hue and cry because it was easier than personal responsibility. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s exemplary life flies in the face of so many of those proofs by assertion promulgated by the feminist movement. The fact of the matter is that assault and incest rape pregnancies are rare. Under optimum conditions, the fecundity that comes with youth and good health is approximately 20% in any given cycle. What should be rare — irresponsibility, ignorance, carelessness and downright stupidity — is not. For a great many American women, abortion has become the birth control of choice (no pun intended).

The abortion movement has almost reached its goal of making partial-birth abortion law. Barack Obama has come down in favor of this extreme position and holds out this egregious error in judgment and logic as an example of being in touch with the people.

Sarah Palin has, in one fell swoop, has eviscerated the arguments of the women’s movement with respect to those other choices we were supposed to have made, i.e., children or career; or “children and career” by simply being all that a woman can be.

In this final analysis, the one unforeseen consequence of the pro choice and feminist movement was the long-range negative effects on population growth. (Someone forgot to pass the word along to all of the illegal immigrants and fast-growing Muslim populations in America and Europe.)

We have painted ourselves into a corner with respect to the long-term viability of Social Security by cutting down the numbers behind the Me Generation. We are aborting ourselves into extinction.