Rubio on the Right Track...

but more needs to be done; or undone.

As a new school year begins, I am asking myself some questions.  For instance, what will I be told to teach this year?  Will I be allowed to teach my students how to think for themselves? Absolutely not! In fact, I am not allowed to voice my own opinion and have been accused of being divisive when I have done so.   Last year was a total failure for me and, sadly, my students as I was instructed to teach to the test, and only teach to the test. Parents beware: the goal of public education is about conditioning and training up little socialists.    


In Florida, Marco Rubio voted “Yes” on HB7145, the Private School Scholarship Program Expansion Act.  That’s a good start, but I wonder if he realizes just how harmful NCLB, which is also called Outcome Based Education (OBE) or Mastery Learning, is for our kids, families and country.   According to Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, Education Policy Advisor to President Reagan, and author of “the deliberate dumbing down of america” (1999), OBE discourages competition and insists that all children learn the same thing, encourages cooperative-individualism (huh?) and is opposed to “selfish” competition.  In addition, according to this philosophy, what is important is not what you know, but what you can do, like take a test. During a telephone interview in January 2009, a caller asked what parents can do at the local level to change or influence what is taught in their children’s schools.  Iserbyt simply said: “There’s nothing they can do because the federal government funds public education.”   When did this dumbing down start?  In 1965 (ahh, those wonderful sixties) with the implementation of Title I and special education programs in Inner City schools. 


In colleges of education around the country, teachers-in-training are taught Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956) like seminary students are taught the Bible.  For those of you who don’t know, these are classifications of intellectual behavior important in learning [emphasis added]. Bloom’s philosophy said that the purpose of education is to change the thoughts, actions, and feelings of students, [and that] good teaching [involves] challenging the students’ fixed beliefs.  He made the claim that he could take a student from one position on an issue, like anti-abortion, for instance, to believing that abortion was okay in just one hour by structuring a series of questions in such a way that he led the student to the “correct” answer.


B. F. Skinner, 1904-1990 is another scary fellow whose influence on public education is devastating to those of us who love kids.  Skinner’s philosophies regarding how to educate children are based on animal training and conditioning techniques.  Let’s just condition the little darlings to see things our way.


Those of you who home school aren’t left out of the socialist mix.  Many virtual school programs, as well as curriculums designed for home-school, use materials based in these philosophies and whose sole purpose is to condition student thinking. Do your research! Conservatives who love their kids and their country need to get out their proverbial shovels and start digging to see what lies under the surface.Find out where your candidates stand on education issues.  Liberal universities aren’t going to stop conditioning education students to condition their students.  New teachers today have already gone through the conditioning process and are ignorantly passing it on to your children.  Kids in school today are leaders of tomorrow.  They are being trained to be socialists from kindergarten through college graduation. 


These days the great debates on immigration, health care, and tax increases are important and necessary, but I also want to hear a candidate say: “I want schools to teach children to think for themselves!”  “I want my kid to graduate high school able to read!”  “I want my child to think critically and (respectfully) challenge authority!”  I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m listening.


So, what will I do this year?  I made a decision.  I will be a rebel, though I may stand alone.  I’m going to teach my kids to read, write, think critically, respectfully challenge me, and succeed individually. 


Whatever will my boss do with the likes of me?