The Puppet and his Master

Since before the ’08 election, I have had a nagging feeling.  In fact, the first time I saw the Rock Star on television, this feeling was overwhelming.  Obama is only a front man.  Yes, he is a Progressive Destroyer, but I don’t think he is the One in charge.  There is a Master behind the scenes and only a very select few even know who he is.  Let’s look at the whole picture for a moment, shall we?


Where did The One come from?  Obscurity.  How many people had ever even heard of BHO before the “marketing” began?  I would hazard a guess and say that very few people across the country even knew of his existence.  Suddenly, with the blare of the proverbial trumpet and in a blaze of glory, The One was “born” for lack of a better word.  Out of nowhere our savior appeared on the scene in an expensive black suit, smiling with professionally whitened teeth and walking with the swagger of the totally “cool.” 


In a flurry of flashy television ads, msm flashbulbs, and rock music the new star reached out to the young and impressionable from huge stages with booming sound systems.  He even had popular opening acts that would appeal to the 18-24-year-old demographic at his events.  When was the last time a presidential candidate did that with such fury and flare?  Think about it…the young are great in number, energetic, and impulsive.  Someone who knows about marketing would take that into consideration, wouldn’t they?   That’s how jeans companies can get kids to pay $200 for a pair of pants full of holes.  The One isn’t in advertising; he’s a lawyer and a senator.  He isn’t even really a senator, considering how few days he was actually in office.  He’s a lawyer with a history as a community organizer and an ACORN advocate.  That he even had ambition to run for president is questionable.  This was somebody else’s idea.  The One isn’t in control…he is under control.


He has proven himself incompetent as the leader of a country.  When decisions are left to him, he totally fails; he is cluless.  Look at the oil spill crisis.  Good grief!  The entire country is looking to him to be the savior again, and he can’t even see fit to give Bobby Jindal permission to fight the onslaught of oil creeping into the wetlands.  A study has to be conducted first?  When I think about it I could have a stroke.  And, let’s not even get started on the Joker, err Commander, in Chief part of his job.  My husband, a Vietnam vet, has a fit every time he sees him salute.  It’s more like a flip-off.  In the meantime, he’s holding hands with dictators and bowing to oil lords while cutting defense spending and turning his back on Israel. 


The world laughs and shakes their heads at the once strong country we love dearly.  Iran thumbs its nose at us like they always have, but now they are really running with the ball because there is no threat.  Europe is watching, mouths gaping, as our economy follows their already failed path to destruction as our leaders ignore the facts.  Our president is weak and it is intentional and calculated.  Someone else is pulling the strings; perhaps he realizes it, perhaps not.  He might believe the lie about himself, or maybe he is just waiting for the pay-off at the end.  After all, he has been very up front about the fact that he is fine with being a one-term president if he can get the agenda accomplished.  It is also evident that he cares nothing about his “party,” as he encourages the majority to do his bidding even if it means they lose their jobs.  Many dems are getting nervous now.  Some, I think, are realizing that they have been hung out to dry and that perhaps they have hitched their horse to the wrong bandwagon, too late.  As a conservative, I can smile about that…a little. 


Overall, I’m sad about all of it.   Even more, I’m curious as to just Who is really calling the shots.  Again, I will hazard a guess and say that Pelosi knows; it would explain her absolute giddiness since Obama came to “power.” (I’m not certain, however, that she would even share that information with Dirty Harry; I think she’s too selfish.)   I don’t think the union leaders know, but they are enjoying the ride.  Who is it?  I feel confident in saying that it is someone we would never even consider.  It is someone who is not flashy or cool.  It is, however, someone very dangerous, powerful and intent on destroying us.  We need to look behind the curtain, every curtain, and see who is flipping the levers and running the smoke machine.


(In my very humble opinion, if you are a Christian you might recognize what and who Obama just may be…The Usher in Chief.)