Barack Obama will usher in a brighter future for the USA

Ever since the attacks on 9/11/01 (which I remind everyone happened on GW Bush’s watch) everything has been a bit bleaker in the USA. The economy has been on a steady decline, hard-working friends and family members have lost their jobs as companies downsized. (Yet if you worked for or had investments with oil companies, I guess you were doing pretty well.) As far as the tax cuts that are championed by Bush and his proposed successor (McCain), the only thing I did with my tax rebate (aka economic stimulus check)was to pay off my heating fuel bill.

Until 9/11, I had never taken a particular interest in world events or national politics. I was too busy working and raising a family. But after that morning, on which my husband, a NJ policer officer, was called in to ground zero, I was glued to the news. And during the past seven years, I have been dismayed by the failure to bring down the Taliban and in particular, Osama bin Laden (remember him?) Where IS he for God’s sake? By all accounts, the Taliban has gotten stronger. What the heck is going on? If the Bush administration, which was never one to shy away from using bloody force, has not solved this problem through all its military operations, taxpayer dollars spent and American lives lost, a different approach is clearly needed.

I am pinning my hopes on a President Barack Obama to bring the change that is so desparately needed, both through his domestic and foreign policies. His approach is intelligent, respectful, openminded, and fair. I will be proud to call him my president.