The flood from New Orleans came north

Rain, rain go away…

And with it, please take back the flood of people from New Orleans! If I have to hear one more interview with ungrateful people complaining that nobody is providing them with diapers and formula, shampoo and underwear, I’ll scream. My family and I live in an area where we were warned we might also have to leave at a moment’s notice but I can promise you that we would have stopped long enough to grab a few essentials on the way out the door (particularly after the Katrina disaster.) But nooooo…. One evacuee rounded up for a much-played interview on the evening news groused that the government needed to do their job and take care of these people.

And the saddest part is, a good number of folks agree with him. The very idea of boarding a bus with no money and no supplies to go on a government subsidized vacation makes me queasy. Of course (should the situation arise)we can scrape together enough cash to at least put gas in the car and food in our stomachs. That would be our responsibility as functioning members of society and (more importantly) as parents. My family and I felt that the right thing to do would be to help out with what we could. Know what? They were turning down food and clothing and blankets. Monetary donations only please. WTF???

I have no quarrel with Governor Bobby Jindal who did what was required to a) save lives and b) cover his behind. The fault lies with a society that allows generation after generation of unemployed, uneducated, undeserving people to continue to feed off Lady Liberty’s sadly sagging bosom.