Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, MD,CCN

My sister sent me an e-mail which was from a friend of a friend (confusing-I know).  It was written by Dr. Russell Blaylock regarding his opposition to the current healthcare legislation.  Dr. Blaylock’s credentials include 26 years experience in neurosurgery, editorship of the Jounal of American Physicians and Surgery, and the Jounal of the American Nutricental Association.  He is currently a visiting professor of Biology at Bellhaven College in Jackson, MS.  I e-mailed Dr. Blaylock to receive permission to post that e-mail here.  I really did not expect a response.  Not only did I receive a quick response, but he expounded in more detail about his vehement opposition to socialized health care.  The following is the text of his first e-mail.  If there is enough interest, I would be glad to post the text of his second e-mail at a later date.

I am glad to see that people are concerned about our medical care system becoming absolutely socialistic.  I have been fighting this battle for decades and studied most of the socialized helth care systems in the world. In the beginning, all governments made the same claims and gave the same assurances–that the care would be of the highest quality, but all would be relieved of their worries about its cost.  The socialists do this to lure people in–Hitler did it, Marx did it, Lenin did it–they all do it.  Once in power, we see the reality of collectivism, where all that matters is the grandiose plan of the elite planners and not the individuals that will suffer under the plan.  Under collectivism (socialism) the individual does not matter and is expendable.  This is how the Soviets and Chinese communist justified killing over 100 million people and turning their countries into massive prison camps–it was for the good of the mystical collective–the people.  Under less directly murderous regimes, such as the Canadian and British health care plans, millions died, but not by bullets, gas chambers, and starvation, but by denying them access to health care.  Under socialized care– without exception– the first to feel the brunt of rationing of the care are those over age 55.  In the UK, they were denied cardiac surgery, joint replacement, and other life-saving procedures.  The same in Canada.  Rationing was done by making access difficult and denying specific services to older citizens.  As a result, millions were left to quietly suffer for years and finally die.  Every socialist health care system utilizes progressive rationing.  Under collectivism, the government planners see the elderly in the same way Hitler did–as “useless eaters”.  They do not work, pay little taxes, and are difficult to control.  Making health care less accessible kills them just as dead as Stalin’s death camps and Hitler’s gas chambers.

Another fallacy is that under National Health Care, the services will be the same, it’s just that the government will pick up the tab.  Over time, you will see the nice doctor’s offices disappear, the high tech equipment rationed, and the beautifully designed waiting rooms will become large, gloomy health clinics in which you will share waiting with gang members and other social misfits.  You will most likely never see a real doctor, but rather a government trained health practioner (nurse or physician assistant)–perhaps an illegal immigrant.  The medication you will have access to will be older generation medications (just as existed when I was in the military medical system)– newer medications or treatments will not be available.  The doctors will no longer be able to treat you as an individual–they will have treatment and diagnostic workup protocols to follow–all made up by medical elite (in conjunction with pharmaceutical company elite).  Everything will be regimented.  The socialists in our government know that the appeals of cost-free medicine are too strong to resist, and they have billions at their disposal for propaganda advertising.  Only a groundswell of outrage can stop this juggernaut.

NOTE:  You can find out more about Dr. Blaylock at his website: www.russellblaylockmd.com.  He does sell products on his site.  I am not endorsing any of them, since I haven’t read/ used them.  Obviously, each person will have to use their own judgement.  I did read several of his papers, which I found to be very informative and easy to read ( some are very scary, as well).