Obama Bows To The Emperor of Japan Weakness You Can Depend On...

Obama is Un-Presidential when he bows to The Emperor Of Japan and continues to make America weak. He will yield to every Emperor and Arab King but ignores the request of his own general. I do not understand his willingness to keep our troops in a compromising state. He is betraying our beloved sons and daughters fighting for our nation. The men and women serving our country deserve the best. He was not only the worst choice to be our president he is the worst commander and chief of our armed forces. Who is willing to bow down to a defeated Emperor and a Arab Islamic Christian hating King. He would rather bow to them and let our troops suffer and at the cost of many lives, I guess it is easier to be a pantie waste and bow then to be a Strong and Proud American President. Check him out in this video in all of his weakness the bow master.


Louis Escobedo

Reject Tyranny and Defend Liberty!