Health Care Reform: $750 IRS penalty is not a penalty!

The Sen. Akaka from Hawaii represents how out of touch these betrayers of freedom are they do not represent the people of America. He is asked if the Congress has the authority to mandate us to buy Health Care insurance. His Response is he is unaware. Like most of the Dems who are going to vote for this they are not even considering to base there decision on the constitutionality of this issue. They are in office to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

Sen. Akaka also says that the $750 penalty you will pay to the IRS when you don’t get health care insurance is not a penalty. Sounds like Obama when he was on ABC saying that the mandatory tax is not a tax. Unfortunitley the Government is not able to redefine words so lets call a spade a spade its a penalty Sen. Akaka and it is a tax Obama.

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