Tea Party Nation Convention War

     I am a speaker at the convention.  I am talking about organizing a successful tea party.  I was asked to speak based on the work that my local tea party has done and the excellence that our group has demonstrated.  I am not being paid and purchased a convention ticket, a plane ticket and my hotel room.  It was my choice.  Not everyone can afford to do that.  I chose to spend my savings on this event. 
     I thought that was what our movement stood for.  People being able to make their own choices.  No where does it promise that it will be equal for all.  If it were, there would be subsidies given to those who couldn’t afford it.  Some groups held fundraisers to send their representatives.  They worked for the opportunity to go. 
     As far as the “for profit” aspect goes, isn’t that we we represent?  Capitalism?  The organizers are putting all the work into it – why shouldn’t they make a profit?  We make the decision to purchase a ticket or not.  The free market decides.  But now it seems that “others” want to decide that for us.
    I don’t get it.  It seems like everything that we are working for is suddenly foul.  Is this Obama speaking or Eric?  It is hard to tell the difference at the moment.