FEAR: Marauding Mobs of Nefarious Manufactured Radicals!

Evidently, Community Organizing is now evil and dissent is no longer Patriotic. You see, it’s different when the Right does it, at least according to the DNC and their new ad below:

Oh noes! A Marauding Mob of Nefarious “Manufactured” Radicals! Something seems “fishy”. Report them for their crimethink, they are doubleplusungood! Hmm, whatever happened to that “I want you to talk to your friends and neighbors; I want you to argue with them and get in their faces” deal, Pres Obama? That only counts if it is in YOUR favor?

To be fair, this may be our own fault. We don’t seem to have the whole protest deal down. Babs Boxer, Ma’am has graciously divulged the error of our ways and has attempted to give us some helpful tips below… how on Earth can we be taken seriously if we dress too nicely? I call Astroturf!

So, that was our first mistake. Unlike Cindy Sheehan and her Code Pink cohorts, normal citizens actually attempt to look nice when, you know, going out in public. Even worse, we Right-Wing nutty nut women *gasp* shave our legs .. while showering no less.. AND wear bras. Sometimes we even comb our hair and put on make-up to look purty. It’s our Stockholm Syndrome, of course. We can’t help objectifying ourselves, obviously. This upsets the Left, mostly because they don’t really understand the concept of attractive, feminine women. Meow.

Next, we showed up in actual cars, instead of in big groups, packed into and hanging off of the back of pick-up trucks behind huge gun racks, as would be expected of us bitter clingers. Our final mistake was showing up AFTER work. Protesters don’t normally have those pesky 3 letter things called J – O – B – S. (thanks again, Joe Biden!)

To add insult to injury, we then voiced our opinions articulately, in full and coherent sentences, using facts and rational thought. Hello? We aren’t supposed to know how to read! Plus, we didn’t base things on feel-goodiness utopian ideas of kitten whiskers and fairy dust.

So, to help make our different (sane) way of protesting more comprehensible to the Left, I suggest we throw in a few well-placed bumper sticker slogans using simple words understood by even the far Left. Dear Babs Boxer, Ma’am, in response to you, I say:

We’re Here, We Love John Deere. Get Used to It.


We’re Here, We Wear Nice Gear. Get Used to It.


We won’t be conned, Nice clothes we’ve donned. Get Used to It.

(h/t thingie to Hot Air for the videos )

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