Are we seeing the consequence of the Bush Doctrine?


This is an observation I have made and posted on my blog.

Over the last six years we have seen more activity in the Middle East and across the Muslim World since the removal of Saddam Hussein. Recently, we have seen Lebanon exert itself more, with the overthrow of Syria, the rise of Hezbollah, the latest in which their government collapsed by the withdraw of Hezbollah’s support and now they are placing their guy as the next PM. Tunisia all of a sudden decides to overthrow their government, Yemen is wanting to do the same thing, and presently Egypt is going through the same process. In 2009 Iran had their elections and the country erupted.

In 2009 Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf resigned and along with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The Palestinian Territories gained a level of independence, with Hamas taking over Gaza. The lashing out by Al Qaeda and their affiliates throughout the Middle East and the Muslim World.

Did Saddam have such power that he was able to keep the entire Muslim World stable? Stable as in not many government overthrows, other than the occasional spat between Israel and Lebanon or the PLO. But since the removal of Saddam we have seen many violent actions in many of the nations, ones we would not think of happening in, such as Egypt, Yemen or Tunisia. What were once stable nations, we are seeing them become unstable and violent.

The removal of Saddam did upset the power between Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. Turkey has stepped more and has involved itself more in the affairs of the Middle East and Israel. Iran has become more belligerent and is flexing its muscle within Iraq via Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr and his Sadrist Movement , Syria and Lebanon via Hezbollah.

If this is indeed due to the removal of Saddam Hussein what else can we expect from the Muslim World?