America’s Abandonment of the Middle East


This is in response to a critic of my previous post: Are we seeing the consequence of the Bush Doctrine?

My last blog, as posted on Redstate.com a comment was made that I did not think of in connection with the problems being expressed in the Middle East and the Muslim World. That with the removal of Saddam Hussein by former President Bush created the environment that we are now seeing in the Middle East. The point that was made was that Obama has abandoned the Middle East. Both points are correct.

Obama has made only apology tours with the Middle East and since then has done nothing to engage the Middle East. When Iran was protesting the election in 2009, he did nothing. Now that Egypt is going through a similar experience, he does nothing. He has given the Muslim World what they want, no American involvement. He wants to pull American troops out of Iraq in 2011 and in Afghanistan a troop withdrawal starting in 2011.

The events being played out is due to the removal of Saddam Hussein, the bully was removed, now America is showing no leadership with the Muslim World, other than allowing them to live without American involvement.