Will Obama be challenged in 2012?

The more I look into the Obama Administration, I do not get the feeling that they will get a second term. The rats abandoning ship resemble that of a presidency that has been in power for six years, not two. Presently, with the lack of a Republican Candidate on the scene, if Obama gets defeated, it could very well come from the moderate part of the party, not the extreme left.

I asked the question who would be the most likely candidate for the Republican Party in 2012:


Now I am asking will Obama be challenged in 2012:


Evan Bahy made a statement in February 2010  ”I’m an executive at heart,” explaining his abrupt resignation from the Senate. Many assume the far left may challenge Obama, some saying Hillary Clinton will be the contender from the left. But what about Obama’s right? Say, the middle? Evan Bahy is not a Lefty in the world of politics, but a moderate leaning Democrat. Is it possible that the political pundits are more concerned about Obama’s left that they have forgotten his right flank? It is logical that the far-left base would be the place Obama is the most vulnerable since they are the ones who helped him get elected. But the one place he is losing the most credibility with is the moderates, the people who want spending restrained and the government be a bit more sensible when it comes to dealing with the people.

Evan Bahy would be a good challenge for Obama, even if Bahy were to lose the challenge (as Kennedy lost to Carter), it would force Obama to come to the center, which would mean he would lose the far-left, which in turn could draw a challenge from them, (I do not think it would be Hillary Clinton, though I can see her running in 2016), presently, I do not see who that person could be, I do not think many know, which is why they go to default and name Hillary Clinton. She is holding her cards close, she is not going to jeopardize her chances by prematurely jumping ahead of Obama and lose her chances for good. When all she has to do is wait four years and challenge the presidency at that time, either as an open seat or challenging the Republican who beats Obama in 2012, in 2016.

If Bahy does not challenge Obama in 2012, the other two possibilities could be Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin, who was recently defeated, could very well seek a higher office. The other possibility could be former Governor Bill Richardson. Both of these men would challenge him from the center.