Observations from the Cheap Seats

          • There is little to be gained at the moment rehashing the 2214 different opinions uttered since Tuesday night at about 10:00 pm regarding the demise of the GOP and its prospective resurrection, but there is one stream of thought that needs to be immediately addressed, to wit:  that somehow George Bush is to blame for Obama’s 2012 election.  Sorry, Laura, no sale.  I will grant that there was Bush fatigue in 2008 and that certain GWB policy and governance decisions made it very difficult for any Republican to be elected in 2008.  But, the relevance of such decisions in 2012? Marginal, at best.  Such theory only holds water if we are willing to concede that it was GWB’s economic decisions that were the principal reasons for the 2008 bubble burst – try as they might, the Obama campaign will never convince me of this point.  It’s flat out not true – the ground work for that recession was laid by the Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac et al.  We lost this election for a myriad of reasons – poor GOTV, a moderate nominee, a compliant media, government largesse which purchased votes or a dozen other reasons – but, we did not lose this election because of George W. Bush.  If we hang our electoral future to that theory, we will be stuck in a rut perpetually shaped by our political opposition from which we will not easily escape.
          • A troubling statistic from Tuesday night is that 3,000,000 Republicans stayed home — didn’t vote.  How is that possible in such an electorally charged year?  Well, one place to look is ORCA, the Killer Fail.
          • Don’t expect big things out of this congressional Benghazi investigation, nor anything from this State Department investigation.  PREDICTION:  The first lemming to be sacrificed at the Fiscal Cliff will be the Benghazi investigation, courtesy of a Republican House which will be intimidated by an Obama compliant media.  The MSM will gradually ramp up the pressure on the ‘onerous Republicans who are focusing on a non-issue while the fate of our nation’s economy hangs in the balance.’  Our only hope for a full vetting of this issue is for Fox News, Breitbart, NewsMax or others to keep this on the front burner.  I hope that I am proved wrong about our elected representatives – but I am not holding my breath.  A real shame.  These heroes and their families deserve so much better – and, no, Secretary Clinton, a $50.00 glass plaque in Ambassador Stevens’ memory and a few kind and effusive words don’t do it and don’t excuse your astounding negligence.
          • Elizabeth Warren was elected a U.S. Senator from the State of Massachusetts.  Nothing can describe “this” other than the word, frightening. This is a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts – Daniel Webster is dying all over again.
          • On November 1, 2012, five days before the presidential election, a U.S. drone is shot at by Iranian fighters, while over international waters, near Iran.  The American people are not told that this attack – an ACT of WAR – occurred until November 8, 2012 — conveniently 2 days after the presidential election.  Now, my favorite liberal Kirsten Powers was quick to point out that disclosure of this fact prior to the election would have had no effect on the election outcome.  Really?  If that’s the case, then release the information when the ACT of WAR occurred or very shortly thereafter.  The excuse for such delay was that this was classified information — well, so was the killing of Bin Laden and our esteemed president had no problem releasing that information in a late evening television statement to the nation about 23.4 minutes after the raid had been completed.  No, this information wasn’t released for three reasons, none of which relate to its confidential nature. First, Valerie Jarrett – in the worst kept secret this side of Tehran – is actively engaged in discussions with Iranian leadership regarding direct one on one talks – talks, by the way, which President Obama denied during recent debates.  Second, the release of this information would contradict the Obama administration’s downplaying of the threat that Iran poses to Israel, the US and the world economy – recall the chortling Joe Biden in his debate.  And, third, disclosing this information would step on the positive polling news that the Obama campaign was garnering from Chris Christie’s effusive praise of the president and his photo op stop in New Jersey a couple days earlier.  That’s why this information was not released – sorry, Kirsten.
          • While on the topic of Chris Christie – enjoy your extended 15 minutes, Governor.  Politics is hardball.  You play it well.  But, sometimes batters get hit and, while delayed, your hit will come in the form of a presidential campaign that doesn’t get off the ground in 2016.  People have long memories and your gratuitous luvfest with President Obama will not be quickly forgotten, nor forgiven.
          • Obama’s election and the expectant full implementation of Obamacare has led not less than 45 major US companies to announce immediate layoffs.  So much for the state of our economy and the plight of the unemployed.
          • In a prototypical cave from Republican leadership, Speaker Boehner has already announced that he doesn’t plan any further congressional challenges to Obamacare.  Yes, he’s now backing off this statement.  But, as urged elsewhere on this site, don’t believe it.  The only significant challenge left to Obamacare at this point (thank you, Chief Justice Roberts) will come from the states who refuse to implement the insurance exchanges.  Conservative governors hold out our greatest hope that this government program will eventually implode from its own weight.  Get to it, Governor Perry!!