Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • If there is any question that Obama has lost the lustre, is no longer the ‘in’ man in Washington, D.C., have no worries.  Obama is aptly demonstrating that he is ‘in’competent, ‘in’effective, ‘in’adequate and ‘in’ept.  Too bad, we can’t call his presidency ‘in’consequential.
  • While on her tour of the Mideast, Sarah Palin has been openly and repeatedly critical of the Obama Administration.  While I agree with her evaluation, she should exercise some discretion and refrain from criticizing President Obama when on foreign soil.  Republicans detested it when Democrats would rush off to Europe or elsewhere and challenged former President Bush.  The practice is equally deplorable no matter who the complainant or the target – and Governor Palin should stop the practice.
  • Let me see if I have this straight.  While America fights two wars and contemplates a third, while a major ally is battling the vestiges of a natural disaster never seen before in modern history, while our nation sinks in debt and America’s leadership in the world is being challenged daily, our president is . . . on ESPN picking his NCAA hoops bracket.  These are real times demanding real solutions – who would have thought you could find those answers in the White House office pool?
  • My last point invariably raises one other observation – the IRS will not be reinstating the rule that office pool betting is a taxable event, as long as we have a president whose time in the Oval Office is spent picking Duke over Hampton.
  • Nearly $65 million was spent Saturday firing 114 Tomahawk missles into Libya – to what end?  So that the French can fly some planes over Libya.  The irony isn’t lost on me, is it on you?  Twenty five years ago, when America wanted to fly some planes over Libya, France was shall we say ‘unavailable.’  Apparently, the French still think there’s some credit left on that whole Statue of Liberty thing and no problem on calling in that chit when it suits them.  But, the sad part of the whole situation is that Obama left them no choice.
  • For two days, liberal Democrats have been uptight about Obama’s unauthorized use of force.  For two years, conservative Republicans have been uptight about Obama’s use of forced authority.  But, you know that Obama is really in no man’s land when Louis Farrakkhan issues his shot across the bow to his ‘brother.’