Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • 1970’s Redux – WOW!! What a week!! In the span of just seven days, President Obama is proving that his administration is as crooked as President Nixon’s and as incompetent as President Carter’s.
  • In an amazing display of idiocy, the White House trots out an explanation today in Sestakgate (nah . . . don’t like that – not catchy enough) . . . an explanation today in Spectergate (that’s it – has the very subtle ring of a pornography cable channel, doesn’t it?) . . . that could be construed as an admission of a violation of federal law.  And, if not, the implausible story of Emissary Clinton is the first public misstep in a cover-up of a non-issue, which will cement this Administration’s penchant for shading the truth as the norm, not the exception.  So much for transparency!
  • Who knew that incompetence is spelled “oil spill?”  In sum, forty days ago, the White House claims that it was in the background, letting the professionals do their job.  The job doesn’t get done . . . the oil continues to gush.  Now, forty days later, the White House claims it was in the forefront of this fight and that it was always directing the oil spill recovery effort from day 1, passing off on all suggested courses of action by BP, while relying upon them to provide prospective solutions.  Again, WOW!!  I have heard of taking credit when unearned, but I have never seen an administration switch courses and fall all over itself to borrow trouble, to all of a sudden accept responsibility for a response effort that to date WASN’T working.  In case you’re not getting my point, you take credit and claim responsibility when things are going well, not when they are going poorly.  This administration has this all backwards.  That, my friends, is President Carter in a nutshell – remember, the economy is doing terribly needing a boost of confidence, so what does Carter do – he tells us all that our country’s prospects are dimming and that we are buried in a ‘malaise.’  To Carter’s defense, it took him nearly 4 years to demonstrate such glaring incompetence – Obama, apparently, has it down pat in just 15 months.
  • So Touchdown Timmy is over in Europe persuading everyone to keep their powder dry over the growing European debt crisis, while our own debt has grown to exceed $13 trillion.  Hey, Timmy, instead of eating crepes and burning up miles on Air Force Two, might I suggest you get your butt back here to the US and figure out how you can convince your boss to stop bankrupting our own country.  All your efforts to convince the IMF, China et al., to keep bankrolling European folly will be for naught if we don’t gain quick control over more extravagant American folly.
  • Speaking of European debt – I still can’t get over rumors that Greece might want to file suit against US Banks for the problems of its insurmountable debt.  Let’s set this straight – Greece, a country whose economic malaise is the product of its decades-old unwillingness to say “no” to every labor union demand emanating from the entanglements of centuries-old European socialist sub-culture,  is looking to scapegoat the problem.  Apparently the Greek government is drinking too much Ouzo these days.  NEWSFLASH to Athens – 1.  If you spend and pledge more money than you have in the bank or on its way to the bank, you create “debt.”  2. Debt is not a good thing.  3.  Eventually, you either pay your debt or you go belly up.  That’s no one else’s fault, but your own.