Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • There are three people to whom I owe everything – Jesus Christ, my father and my mother.  On this Mother’s Day, I know you share my gratitude and appreciation for everything that mothers do.  Yesterday, between cold, blustery Little League games, I got to spend some unplanned time with my mom – while my son’s team struggled on the field, the opportunity to see and laugh with her made the day more than worth it.  Thanks for everything, Mom.
  • Alright, back to the train wreck that is the Obama presidency.  It wasn’t much publicized this week, except in quick passing, but the country of Iran was bestowed a seat on the UN Commission on the Status of Women.  What, you say?  Hey, UN, is this the same Iran that said they were going to “crack down” on women for sun bathing?  And, what did the Obama regime say in response to this UN silliness?  Nothing.  Oh, I know, our guy walked out on Ahmadinejad’s speech.  Tell me that hasn’t been done before.  Why not stand up and call out the UN for making a joke of the issue of women’s rights?  Oh, yeah, silly me – I forgot our foreign policy is not based on standing on core principle.  No, it’s based on making sure that everyone likes us, because then they will respect us. . . oops, wrong again.  It’s based on making sure despots and tyrants like us, because it’s their respect we seek, while we make sure that our allies are left scratching their heads.
  • How long, how long will Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continue to hold her nose in service to this regime?  I am no Hillary fan, by any stretch, but I can’t help but think that even she has to be dismayed by the ineptitude of the White House’s foreign policy direction and its persistent coddling of dictators.
  • Riddle me this, Batman.  Jobless numbers on the rise to 9.9%, while adding 290,000 new jobs in April.  Answer:  Federal government spending continues to explode, hiring with reckless abandon, including tens of thousands of temporary census workers, while the private sector largely twists in the wind.
  • Peter Orszag is a piece of work.  The Administration’s budget brainchild, and the term is used loosely, is a walking, talking hypocrite of the first order.  After months of touting fictitious savings from a more than trillion dollar health care boondoggle and promoting repeated reckless “stimulus” spending in an effort to boost economic growth, thereby quadrupling federal budget deficits for as far as the eye can see, Orszag has the temerity and unmitigated gall to now raise the red flag about U.S. debt.  Metaphorically, Orszag is the dentist, with cruddy teeth and perenially bad breath, who while leaning over your mouth admonishes you concerning the need to floss and brush regularly.
  • Do I think that the Obama regime is really concerned about growing debt?  Is Orszag being genuine?  No.  This administration could not care less about exploding debt.  The administration views exploding debt as a catalyst to its redistributive goals, irrespective of whether spending increases meet their stated goals of economic growth or whether the debt results it cataclysmic economic collapse.  To Obamanites, it doesn’t matter.  If the spending works to spur economic growth, while creating a larger entitlement class and aggressively shifting wealth domestically, then the Obama regime will argue that such excessive debt was necessary to preserve the U.S. economy.  If the spending doesn’t work to spur economic growth, but saddles our economy in such a way as to cause bond ratings to slip and more significant economic collapse, the Obama regime will view our troubles as no different than many industrialized economies, whether it is or isn’t, and urge that the world economic health mandates consideration of broader restructuring of balances of trade between asset rich and asset poor nations and creation of a single, uniform world currency – hence, redistribution of a different feather.  Will such policies cure our economic woes?  No.  But, that’s not the ultimate objective.  U.S. economic health be damned – what this administration ultimately wants is to globally redistribute wealth from industrialized powers to third world countries and populations.  You may call this prognostication far fetched.  I, regrettably, do not.