Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • The Iowa presidential caucuses should be immediately canceled.  No state which has residents whom think like this should be permitted to influence the election of a President of the United States.  The Obamafication of America continues – you can not make this crap up, you just can’t.
  • Ok . . . so let me get this straight, first, Obamacare lacks any real enforcement mechanism for those that fail to purchase the mandatory insurance.  Second, congressional scriveners left out the provisions to immediately cover children with pre-existing conditions.  It is really surprising that these mistakes weren’t caught when the 219 people who voted for this bill each actually read the bill.  Wait . . . you mean . . . nah . . . you mean, they didn’t really read the bill?  But they said they did – you mean we can’t trust Congress?  Apparently, not.
  • How did President Obama not catch these omissions?  I mean, afterall, this legislation is the centerpiece of his administration, right?  You know the country elected the wrong president, when he spends more time drinking beer with an old college prof than he does actually reviewing the legislation which can make or break his presidency.
  • Terrorists attack the Moscow Subway.  As an aside, I can only imagine the true terror this caused hundreds of feet below Moscow’s streets.  If you think that the Metro Stop at Adams Morgan heads deep beneath the Earth, it ain’t nothin’ compared with the Moscow subway – when those bombs went off, it’s difficult to describe the feeling of total entombment that overcame those Muscovites heading to and from work – an absolutely tragic loss and President Obama was right to very strongly condemn the attack in solidarity with the Russian government.  But to my real point, do you think the Russians are going to be caught up in the nuances of civil libertarian debate over proper interrogation techniques?
  • Voice of Reason calling Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO – SC) . . . ding . . . ding . . . ding!!!  Senator, in case you didn’t hear, the French (yes, the French . . . yes, Senator, the Eiffel Tower people) abandoned the carbon tax in favor of the French economy.  It is time that you permanently shelve your efforts to ‘make silly’ with Senator Kerry and put Cap and Tax on the ‘trash heap of bad legislative ideas that should never see the light of day.’  If you’re still confused, Senator, and you won’t do it for the American economy, Senator, do it for the French economy . . . it’s ok.  Think of it, the French will really like you, then.