Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Healthcare passes – greatest social welfare achievement of the last 45 years right and CNN, which was fawning over the President last night, releases a poll today highlighting that 59% of Americans oppose Obamacare.  BE VERY WARY of this poll, people.  If you think for one second that CNN isn’t still a shill for this administration and congressional Democrats, think again.  Watch when CNN conducts a poll three months from now and only 52% oppose Obamacare, the headline will be “America warms to Obamacare.”  Why is this relevant?  Because, of course, CNN wants to assist Congressional Democrats in mid-term elections, by suggesting that American public opinion is trending toward Obama, not away from him.  MARK MY WORDS – this will happen right around July 1, 2010.
  • Obamacare is so good for you and you and you and you.  And, you and you and you.  It’s just not good for me, state the Congressional staffers who wrote themselves out of the mandatory purchase provisions.
  • I am from Michigan – born a Tarheel, but raised here from 2 weeks on.  Michigan fans routinely methodically chant at football games, “I am proud . . . to be . . . a Michigan Wolverine.”  Not this morning – not proud to be a Michigan Wolverine – Congressman Stupak, you have embarrassed yourself, your constituents and the State of Michigan through your bald duplicity.  You broke bread with those who stand for life, only to leave the table and conspire with the most pro-abortion president in the history of our republic to sacrifice the pro-life movement on the altar of taxpayer funding of abortion.  But, you want to know what angers me almost as much, Congressman Stupak?  It is that you are so damn stupid to think that you could fool us into believing that you protected life.  And, your emotional opposition to the Motion to Recommit which used your language to urge stricter restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortion was comical – you could not look into the camera as you incredibly exclaimed that the language, which a day earlier you argued was necessary pro-life language, now wasn’t pro-life language at all.  In a word, Congressman Stupak, you’re a joke and you will forever be known as such.  Hope you enjoy flying back to private life at the airports paid for by the blood of thousands, millions of unborn children you just bartered away.
  • Eight months until we welcome Congressman Mark Schauer back to the private sector.  It is a very good thing that you voted for that extra job funding . . . you will need it soon.
  • Would someone please, PLEASE, inform all media outlets in New York City and Washington, D.C., of two points?  They are:  1) Ceci Connolly knows no more about the particulars of complex public policy than the man on the moon – she is a stooge for her employer, the Washington Post, which, in turn, is a stooge for the Obama Administration and this sycophant relationship is evident in every interview she gives; and, 2) David Gergen, David Brooks and David Frum are not conservatives – hell, adding the three of them together and they don’t make one conservative.