Obamacare Will Create Havoc for Democrats Everywhere

Somewhere lost in all the discussion about the effect that Obamacare will have about this Fall’s Congressional elections is the fact that, should this legislation pass by any method – straight out vote or “deem and pass,” Obamacare will be a factor in each and every contested state legislative and gubernatorial election, as well.  Idaho and Virginia and 35 other state legislatures have seen to that.

Led by Virginia and Idaho, these thirty-seven individual states are considering legislated opposition to the federal government’s imposition of Obamacare, using the 10th amendment to argue (among other points) that the federal government is without power to mandate that the residents of the several states purchase health care insurance.  Of course, to make such state legislation a likely reality, Republican majorities will be required within state legislatures and in the Governors’ mansions.

In other words, it will quickly become apparent to the American public, as these constitutional challenges get notice and legs, that to defeat Obamacare requires a two-front war – congressional elections and state legislative/gubernatorial elections.  And, let me suggest, that given the high-degree of interest in this issue, it will not be difficult for conservatives, tea partiers and establishment Republicans to couch every state legislative and gubernatorial election in such context – the questions being:

Will you as a state legislator vote to support legislation which directs the State of ___________’s Attorney General to file a federal court complaint challenging, under the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution, the federal government’s imposition of mandatory health insurance upon the residents of the State of ______________?

Will you as a state legislator vote to support legislation which proposes an amendment to the United States Constitution to prohibit the federal government from enacting legislation that infringes upon an individual’s right to contract or to not contract, recognizing such elective right as an express individual property and privacy interest deserving of federal constitutional protection?

Will you as a governor support state legislative efforts to do either of the alternatives identified above?

If Democrats have an ounce of sense, they will realize that rushing Obamacare through (in a census year, no less!), carries with it the very strong possibility of an entire generation of minority legislative status, not only in Washington, but in Topeka, Lansing and Olympia, as well.  And, in such period, progressive secularism will have been relegated to the trash heap of contemporary political thought not by Republicans, but by the imprudent, hasty and radical actions of progressive secularists, themselves.

Make no mistake, Obamacare will bring the equivalent of Hurricane Katrina to Democrat Party politics and prospects. And, for what? To save a one-term president?

To my Democrat friends, which are many, I say “I hope you like small offices.”