Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • As CPAC ends its three day conference in Washington, D.C., we are undoubtedly heartened by the growing energy and passion which conservatives displayed.  But, in order that we not lose the momentum as we head towards November, we need to remember the girl we brung to the dance.  And, no, I don’t mean Sarah Palin . . . and not, Ann Coulter, either.  The girl we brought to this dance was a return to Reagan conservatism.  It was a mere year ago when week after week, conservatives were being beseeched by “reform conservatives,” who shortsightedly urged their agenda as the only conservatism that would win in the future.  As I noted then and as is true today, reform conservatism is ultimately neither.  Now, a year later, the Obamanation has painted the merit of traditional conservatism in sharp relief.  Lower taxes, less regulation and policies which encourage small business growth are increasingly seen as the key to sustained and meaningful economic recovery.  Respect for traditional values of liberty and freedom, in the face of stronghanded government action, has enjoyed a much-needed revival.  The conservative principle of a strong national defense and a growing appreciation for the Bush administration’s treatment of the war on terror as an actual war and not a criminal conspiracy create electoral opportunities, particularly when compared to the disaster that is Obama anti-terrorist policy.  And, finally, the traditional conservative approach towards the environment which encourages support for responsible resource conservation and development of reasonable alternative energy sources, i.e. nuclear power, natural gas, etc., as opposed to reactionary and irrational support for the global warming hoax which has captivated much of the “green movement,” is gaining ground each and every day.  Yep . . . traditional, Reagan conservatism is the girl we brought to the dance and, if we are wise, we will dance with her all night long, all the way to victory in November.
  • “CPAC voters name Ron Paul as the strawpoll winner among potential candidates for 2012” – this is NOT the headline we want coming out of this weekend.  Ron Paul is a likable enough fellow, but, frankly, he’s strange and is not electable.  And, while he has insisted that he is not a truther, his 2008 candidacy was frought with connections to the truther movement.  As has been the subject of much discussion this week on our frontpage, we (not just Redstate, but all conservatives) need to run as far as we can from the truther/birther movements.  These movements are sheer nonsense and electoral cancer.  Conservatives would be well advised to avoid support for a Paul candidacy like the plague.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) was on Fox News Sunday last week, first, appropriately stating that Guantanamo is the finest, most professionally run prison facility in the world and, then, within seconds announcing the need to shut it down, because an Al Qaeda terrorist told him that its existence was a recruiting tool for the terrorist group.  Are you kidding me?  It’s hard to take the Senator seriously – in one breath, he is chastising the Obama Administration’s criminalization of the war on terror and in the next breath he is quoting a terrorist’s views as persuasive on issues of American war policy.  Since when do we let terrorists dictate what we do or don’t do with American policy?  And, what’s even more foolish about Senator Grahams’s statement is that he’s willing to tell terrorists publicly that their views do and should hold sway.  Senator, are we to believe that the terrorists needed an American recruiting tool to locate 19 terrorists willing to fly planes into buildings on 9/11?  Are we to believe terrorists, period?  Your naivete on this issue is so astounding, Senator, that your correct assessment on Obama’s criminalization of the war on terror must simply be the product of your status as our Republican broken clock – even you’re right twice a day.
  • Governor Jennifer Granhom (D-Mich) has just given her last State of the State address.  Governor Breathless, as she is called by some (she closed her speech by thanking her husband for his support – “I love you, babe” – with a hushed, whispered tone that would have made Marilyn Monroe jealous), could have delivered her speech in about 30 seconds.  How long does it take to say that the State of the State of Michigan ain’t so good?  Our economy stinks, our weather stinks, our job prospects stink and . . . our governor stinks.  Good riddance, Governor.  P.S. – We’re still waiting for your plan – you remember the one from the campaign four years ago.  You know . . . the one that would “blow us away.”