Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Remember what your father told you about not trusting someone with shifty eyes.  You know the guy – he’s arguably looking at you, but when explaining something his eyes dart from side to side, never once do you get the sense that he’s focused in credibly responding to you.  Has anyone ever noticed that Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner does a variation on that theme?  Rather than be called ‘shifty-eyed,’ Touchdown Timmy simply shifts his head from side to side when answering a question – in his interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper this morning, there was not a moment in time in which his head is not shifting side to side while he is telling Mr. Tapper all the wonderful things that President Obama has done to return this country to fiscal health. But, body language experts would tell you that his head shifts from side to side while he is affirmatively telling you something is actually a body signal inviting you to negate or to challenge what in fact you’re being told – shifty eyes, indeed, by just another method.
  • Sarah Palin nailed the notion of the Tea Party magic – “it’s not a well-oiled machine” – “it’s the people.”  Critical review of the ‘national convention’ this weekend seemingly misses the point.  It shouldn’t be your standard political convention – this convention, after all, isn’t about politics, it’s about patriotism.
  • If you want to discern the level of Democratic confidence in the November, 2010 elections, watch the U.S. Supreme Court.   What?  Watch the U.S. Supreme Court?  In Palin parlance, ‘you betcha.’  If we see one, or perhaps two, resignations from the Court this spring, you can be certain that the White House isn’t feeling so confident about November.  Justices Stevens and Ginsberg, suffering of age and illness, are the logical candidates (as has been speculated about this week) to step down.  Knowing full well that a number of Democratic Senators are in endangered species category right now and that the ability to place another ‘Sotomayor’ on the Court will be difficult, if not impossible, even if the Democratic Senate majority is maintained, the White House might test new Senator Scott Brown’s resolve to demonstrate his independence by suggesting to Justice Stevens and/or Ginsberg that the White House be provided an opportunity to nominate a new Justice sooner rather than later.
  • Staggering commentary about the growing toxicity which President Obama brings to Democratic politics is found in Beau Biden’s recent decision to not run for his father’s old U.S. Senate seat in Delaware.  If a Biden can’t run and win in Delaware, while another Biden sits to the right hand of the American president, something ain’t right.  And, as countless Democratic legislators are increasingly telling us by dancing away from this ‘Obamanation,’ the problem with Democratic prospects in November, 2010 starts and ends in the Oval Office.
  • How’s that old global warming thing workin’ out for you this weekend in Washington, Mr. President?  Oh, I know, 2 feet of snow in the dead of winter is the result of global warming.
  • Speaking of the anthropogenic global warming hoax, I commend to your reading a terrific article in this week’s National Review by my friend Jay Nordlinger, Two Inconvenient Canadians: The Unlikely Men Who Shook Up Global-Warming Science (National Review, February 8, 2010)  In it, Jay introduces us to Canada’s M&M guys, who for years have thankfully challenged the ‘runaway freight train’ which recently stopped in Copenhagen. 
  • As an aside, fortunately, that ‘runaway freight train’ stopped long enough on its way out of Copenhagen, with another huge break in the tracks somewhere along a Himalayan glacier, to permit India to jump off.  As the Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh noted, in announcing India’s withdrawal from the International Panel on Climate Change, “There is a fine line between climate science and climate evangelism.  I am for climate science.”  That sums up my position perfectly.  Periods of cyclical global warming, perhaps – not in the last decade, though.  Anthropogenic global warming – not that I have seen so far.  I have seen little to no real science backing it up and years of irrational, ‘chicken little’ hyperbole.  As they said with Nixon on Watergate – if you want the answer to anthropogenic global warming, ‘follow the money.’