A Not Ready for Prime Time Player - Redux

Certain core truths about our president are unavoidable.

Obama administration policy on terrorism is predicated on its insatiable desire to satisfy the world that America is now a caring, gentile country, which understands that past American hegemony has created conditions in the world where terrorists and those that spawn them rightfully hate America.

Obama administration policy on terrorism is predicated on its silly belief that the fight against terrorism is best fought in the courtrooms of America as criminal activity.

These two central, core truths have produced the following undeniable failures in the first year of this administration, to wit:

1.  The ordered closing of Guantanamo within a year of his inauguration, without having had his nominated Attorney General Eric Holder visit the site prior to the Executive Order.  The moment that Eric Holder visited Guantanamo is the moment that this administration knew that it had made a terrible mistake in so prematurely announcing the closing of Guantanamo, but its commitment to appeasing “everyone whom doesn’t matter” had locked the administration into a position without a plan.

2.  The administration’s inability to have its top intelligence officials connect the dots before the Christmas terrorist attack was an abject failure to protect America and Americans.  In the course of reviewing what occurred, nothing demonstrates this administration’s fundamental lack of understanding regarding the nature of terrorism than its attempts to describe the underwear bomber’s acts as an “attempted act of terrorism.”  For any bona fide act of terror with an appreciable and real risk of causing harm to innocent victims, there is no such thing as an “attempted act of terrorism.”   Combine this ignorance with a Justice Department’s cessation of interrogation, due to its conferring Miranda rights to the terrorist fifty minutes after starting its questioning, and you can only shake your head in disgust.

3.  The on-again, off-again effort to try KSM in a civilian court in New York City is a shining example of the sheer incompetence within Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  Like Guantanamo, it was a policy without a plan – a terrible policy.  And, the irony of all ironies is that it may come to pass that KSM’s trial occurs before a military tribunal, where?  That’s right, Guantanamo.

Frankly, incompetence from every angle, on every point.

Saturday Night Live couldn’t script this comedy any better.

And, fittingly, President Obama is clearly a “not ready for prime time player.”