Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • I could have sworn that ‘Moonlight Graham’ finally died walking into the cornfield with Ray Kinsella and ‘Shoeless Joe’ Jackson but, no, he is alive and well and living in Washington, D.C.  The Republican Party’s very own version of a ‘broken clock,’ Senator Lindsey Graham, RINO-SC, is now suggesting that Congress act quickly on a climate bill.  Why?  Because.  Because why?  Just because.  Just because why?  Just because Congress failed on Social Security, failed on Immigration, failed on Health Care and, ‘darn it, Congress needs a victory.’  Well, Moonlight . . . I suppose it depends on where you’re coming from in order to judge the defeat of amnesty for illegal immigrants and the potential defeat of a government takeover of 1/6 of the American economy through ill-advised health care legislation as failures, but you keep on, keepin’ on, Senator . . . if nothing else, you are very humorous.  Oh, by the way, Senator, global warming is hooey.  And, if there is anyone who knows hooey, Senator, you’re it.
  • Ok . . . did you hear that we are contemplating the expenditure of $100 million on moderate Taliban, to give them jobs and a leg-up in their oppressive culture?  Wow, moderate Taliban, hmmm.  Are the moderate Taliban the ones who stone just three women a week for looking in the direction of men?  Or are they the ones who let women start reading when they reach 21?  I hadn’t thought about it previously, but if we had only found those moderate Nazis.  Frightening and plain silly.  You don’t pay evil, Mr. President, you crush it.
  • As Ben Stein so aptly put this morning, the stimulus bill was about $780 million, now adjusted up for another $85 million in unforeseen costs and the average job in America pays $50,000 per year – this means that approximately 15 million jobs should have been created (ACTUALLY CREATED, not SAVED) in this first jobs bill.  Depending on which administration mouthpiece is speaking, somewhere between 200,000 and 2 million jobs have been ‘saved’ by the stimulus bill, while the economy has bled another 4 million jobs in the same time frame.  In simple math, the stimulus bill has underperformed by about 19 million jobs – and, the president wants a second ‘jobs’ bill?!  This administration is so utterly lost, it’s amazing.
  • Don’t be fooled by this alleged 5.7% 4th quarter GDP growth.  First, these numbers are based on estimates and, as soon as hard numbers actually come in, these numbers will be adjusted downward.  Second, please understand that GDP growth, as a percentage, is a function of how deflated the economic balloon is to start with.  I put a penny in your pocket which has 2 cents in it already, I’ve increased your wealth by 50%.  I put a penny in your pocket which has 10 cents in it already, I’ve increased your wealth by 10%.  You get the point.  Third, these numbers are inflated in all likelihood because inventory depletion was relatively low – this inflated inventory is a function of increased worker productivity, not an increase in employment and the validity of this 5.7% number will be tested when we see how much of that inventory is actually purchased in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2010.  Manufacturers can build, build, build, but until consumers buy, buy, buy, these numbers mean nothing and could foretell a double dip recession if we’re not careful.