Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Been gone for about a month – mental health break from all things Obama.  Tremendous sadness hit my family as we lost my step-brother, Marc.  He was a kind and gentle spirit, who never fully understood how much he was loved by all those he came in contact with.  But, in his final act, Marc gave the gift of life to four or five families in the upper midwest.  Please consider organ donation – it grants life to the physically condemned and grants solace to your family should sudden tragedy take you home.
  • Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and Kanye West – the Triple Crown of Class or should we say the Triple Clowns of Crass.  Enough said.
  • 119 . . . 118 . . . 117 days – what you say?  That’s the Terrorist Transfer to Your Back Yard Countdown Clock – you remember, right?  In his first brazen act of misguided leadership, President Obama signed the Guantanamo Shutdown Executive Order within 24 hours of being sworn in – well, in reality, it was just a executive order to make a decision in a year – and, then sent his administration officials to actually see Guantanamo.  Within hours, soon-to-be Attorney General Holder declared that Guantanamo was a well-run, professional facility – wonder if he ever expressed that he wished he had seen Guantanamo before signing that order?  What do you say, Mr. Attorney General?  Flash forward – some 250 days later and we have no plan for transfer of these hardened terrorists to our shores – that is, except for Jennifer Granholm.  Having failed at every other economic development initiative to rescue Michigan from its continuing recession, our esteemed Governor has stepped forward to offer Michigan as the permanent repository for these jihadists.  January, 2011 can not come fast enough to the people of our fair state.
  • For those that missed the headlines, we have a terrorist – called the next Mohammed Atta – flitting from country to country through the Middle East on an alleged Saudi diplomatic passport, planning the next great terrorist attack against the United States of America.  When pressed by the CIA to learn more details on the nature of the Saudi diplomatic cover for this Florida educated terrorist – sound familiar? – the Obama State Department refused such demands asserting that the allegations weren’t specific enough to press for further answers from the Saudi government.  This is an absolute outrage – according to the Daily Beast’s Gerald Posner, the threat posed by this individual is grave – we aren’t talking about planes flying into skyscrapers anymore, but exploding small nuclear weapons in an American city.  And, we are worried about pressing the Saudi government, from whose shores 19 of the 20 9/11 terrorists came?  Are you kidding me?
  • Michael Moore is pedaling his newest movie, which by all reports is hyper-critical of capitalism.  In considering such criticism of our way of life, a couple central truths nearly always apply – those critical of capitalism have rarely, if ever, been exposed to closed, communist societies; and they even more rarely convey a willingness to part with the economic benefits derived from the very system which they malign.  So, Michael, when you can impart to me an accurate understanding what life was like in Moscow during the height of communist oppression of the Russian people, I’ll start to listen to your complaints over the economic system which gave you that beautiful home outside of Traverse City.  Until then, Michael, spare me your hypocritical and incredibly phony indignation.