NRSC Pitch Misleading

Less than an hour ago, I received a call from our National Republican Senatorial Committee requesting a pledge.  I quickly informed the initially considerate solicitor that I don’t respond to telephone solicitations, period.  In return, I was quickly informed that the NRSC telephone lines are “secure” and I need not worry.  There was an apparent disconnect and I, again, informed them that I would not respond to a telephone solicitation and would be pleased to review any written material that they would forward to me.  I was then told that they don’t have any written material and . . . would I consider a pledge now and then decide whether I wanted to contribute more or less when I received the pledge card in the mail?  I told her that I don’t make pledges and then break them.

This wasn’t good enough.  “Don’t you know that Senator John Cornyn is going throughout the country recruiting the most conservative candidates state by state to run in November, 2010?”

Seizing the moment, I said “If that were true, then the NRSC would be supporting Rubio in Florida and you’re not.”  There was no response.  I continued, “And this is where our telephone call is coming to an end.  Goodnight.”

Senator Cornyn, you want my money to support conservatism?  Then live up to your sales pitch, Senator – start supporting conservatives, first, without my money . . . and then make your “ask.”