Observations from the Cheap Seats: Ten Reasons the Obama Administration is an Abject Failure

  1. Socialism – Anyone who advances the claim that President Obama is not an advocate of redistributive wealth between Americans, by means of property confiscation by the government, expanded government programming and regressive tax policy, is currently disembarking a small boat with Barbie Benton and shaking Ricardo Montalban’s hand on Fantasy Island.  By any reasonable construction, President Obama’s political philosophy finds its roots in the political philosophies of the greatest socialist agitators.
  2. Guantanamo – Months and months ago, I “observed” that there was no way Guantanamo would be closed within one year.  I stand by that statement.  Only a foolish president would declare that a base for detaining terrorists, off the U.S. mainland, should close without actually having had his personnel visit the site and without creating a plan for what is to be done next with these detainees.  Bet that Eric Holder wishes he had seen the facility before they signed those Executive Orders?  Right, Mr. Attorney General?
  3. Exploding debt – Drunken sailors all over the world stand in awe at the spending prowess of this administration.  Remember, the Democratic mantra – Reagan was a spendthrift!  Are you kidding me?  This president makes Reagan look like a pauper when it comes to government largesse – and, by the way, at least Reagan was spending in order end the Cold War, which he did.  Obama is spending more than $3 trillion to what end?  So the unemployment rate drops from 9.5% to 9.4% – again, are you kidding me?  Sadly, no.
  4. Ideological alignment with Nancy Pelosi says all you need to say about this administration.  There is no bigger hypocrite in Washington, D.C. than the Queen of Botox.  Months ago, she leads the Congressional ridicule of auto executives using corporate jets to fly to Washington, but then seeks Congressional authorization for $500 million to purchase five jets for Congressional leadership.  And, to think that our president is joined at the hip with this horse’s patootie.
  5. Nixonian – Man, can you imagine if George W. Bush had suggested on the White House website that Americans should report “fishy” activity among fellow citizens to the White House?  You would have calls in Congress for his impeachment from the likes of Frank, Kucinich et al.  Well, that’s exactly what this president did and we hear nothing.  I thought enemies lists went out with Nixon – apparently not.  And, but for Obama’s ideological bent, McCarthy would be so proud of his effort soliciting reports of “un-American” activity.
  6. Foreign Policy – In the first 200 days of this Administration, we have managed to piss off the British, the French, the Germans, the Russians and the Canadians.  And, we thought the “age of arrogance” was over.  Oh, but of course, we are now much better friends with Castro, Chavez and Ortega and we are seeking to prop up a Honduran president who wants to ignore his country’s constitution and just rule “because . . .”  Meanwhile, Iran is building a nuclear bomb, we give legitimacy to a dying North Korean dictator and the Arab allies we just reached out to are telling us to pound sand rather than join our call for renewed peace efforts with Israel.  Obama foreign policy has been an unmitigated disaster.
  7. Robert Gibbs – “They call me, Mister Gibbs” is without a doubt the most incompetent White House press secretary since Moby Dick was a minnow.  Who would have thought there would ever be a spokesman for the leader of the American government who would make Baghdad Bob look both informed and on his game?
  8. Health Care Debacle – You just don’t get it, Mr. President – and what’s more scary, you don’t care.  Let’s call the White House’s bluff – if Congress honestly believes that all the protest is manufactured, then vote for the bill.  And, then, start looking for a new job.  And, if you sign this bill, Mr. President – you have taken another step towards guaranteeing that you are a one-term wonder.
  9. Inflation – If you think that inflation was bad under Carter, wait until we get the inevitable inflation that will result from the administration’s incessant spending, diminished tax revenue and foreign creditors calling in their chits.  Without an expanding manufacturing sector creating wealth and tax revenue, we will have no option but to print money to pay our debts, flooding our economy with greenbacks worth less and less, day by day.
  10. Sonia Sotomayor – Sorry, Justice Sotomayor, but I ain’t buying the sudden conversion to judicial restraint after years of preaching a judicial activism that is so pronounced it even makes Republicans reticent about saying goodbye to Justice Souter.  And, Mr. President, if this wise Latina woman is your idea of a moderate from middle America then, sir, this Michigander from Kalamazoo is not from middle America.  And, didn’t the song hint that there was nothing more middle America than Kalamazoo?!!