Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Let’s see, according to our president, America had not seen a worse economy since the Great Depression.  But according to our vice president last week, the Administration didn’t fully comprehend the breadth of the country’s economic problems when it proposed the oh-so-ineffective Stimulus Plan.  Hmmm . . . now, wait a minute, Mr. Vice President, how much more do you have to understand about the economy to know it’s in bad shape?  How do we explain these divergent views on the economy within the Administration?  There can only be one answer – Keith Olbermann.  When the president said the economy was in “worse” shape, the vice president knew that in PMSNBC lexicon, this left “worser” and “worst” yet to be played – hence, his comment.
  • The country is at war with terrorists seeking to destroy our country and new enemies are springing up around the globe, threatening the free world each and every day.  But rather than strengthening American resolve to defeat these adversaries, our president turns his focus to shutting down detention facilities, moving terrorists to the American homeland, providing Miranda warnings to enemy combatants and prosecuting, not the terrorists, but Bush Administration officials whom he and his Attorney General claim violated the law on torture.  The only thing that is torturous is the Administration’s feigned claims that it has America’s best interests at heart.
  • Nancy Pelosi has just announced that health care reform will be voted on by the House before the August recess.  Let’s see it’s July 15th – this means that there is at least 16 days for the House to actually show the American people the bill which is being considered.  But, don’t bet on it!!  No – if the past is prologue, Republican leadership should expect the bill for its review just hours before the House votes in the greatest health care tragedy to hit this country since college bars in Ann Arbor stopped selling the French Tickler to wayward eighteen year old males in the lost era of free love – or so I heard. One thing’s for sure – only the pay or play legislation which will likely result from such Pelosian shenanigans could make the Canadian health system the envy of Americans, akin to Molson, the Red Green Show and hockey.
  • Those formerly muted voices in the Clinton camp – and, oh, don’t think for a minute, there isn’t a Clinton camp – trumpeted this morning that Hillary is going to reassert herself on the world stage in the weeks and months to come. Such a move is to make sure that everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is still a player in Democratic politics and does not bode well for our new president. This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton trying to be the best Secretary of State she can be and everything to do with Hillary Clinton wanting to be the first female President of the United States. Try as the president might to muzzle the Cankle of Chappaqua . . I’m sorry, that’s terrible . . . I couldn’t resist . . . Hillary will not go quietly – nor should she. She still is identified by a significant portion of the Democratic electorate as their preferred leader – the same electorate which is less than thrilled at the treatment she has received from the president. The next six months are critical for the White House – all other things being equal, either make Hillary super content with her role at Foggy Bottom and put her prominently on the world stage, or don’t be surprised at all that there is a resignation in store by June 1, 2010 and then look for a primary fight come 2011-12. And, by the way, all bets are off if the economy continues to hit the skids through 2010. A bad or worsening economy and the Clintonistas will know that a primary fight against the president may be likely from other camps and, as long as there is a primary fight, then it makes sense for Hillary to join the fray. Despite her cabinet post, the advantage Hillary has at State is that she can’t be directly tied to the Administration’s missteps on the economy and the Clintonistas know that an early, clean break could still position Hillary as an outsider looking in on White House miscues.