Observations from the Cheap Seats: Five Rants from a Disgusted Conservative

Rant No. 5 – Republican Senate Leadership – As we head into Senate consideration of Cap & Tax, Republican Senate leadership gives me no confidence that we will successfully filibuster this bill to death.  As Yogi said, “it’s deja vu, all over again.”  Flashback to the anemic Senate leadership of Mitch McConnell during the stimulus fight and it is difficult to muster any confidence that he will prove more able to stop the largest tax increase in American history.

Rant No. 4 – Republican Acceptance of Global Warming Hooey – Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Republican challenge to Waxman/Markey was the inability or unwillingness to significantly challenge the global warming hysteria which underpins this Democratic effort, which will invariably destroy large segments of the American economy.  Despite EPA squelching of “unhelpful” reports or analysis of recent climatological information and further evidence that the Earth is, in fact, cooling, only Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) has been a consistent voice of reason amidst the sea of irrationality which has taken over Capitol Hill.  Other Republicans have been regrettably, but not surprisingly mute on this issue – presumably, for fear that the major media will paint them as loons for a refusal to accept Mr. Gore’s “inconvenient truth.”  We have become a party of cowards.

Rant No. 3.  Governor Mark Sanford’s Incessant Confession – Repeatedly, I have vowed not to judge ad nauseum the governor’s act of infidelity, although there is little doubt that the entire episode has been tragic for his family and the State of South Carolina.  However, I will not hesitate to judge his actions since he disclosed the existence of his affair with “Ava Peron.”  Governor, you have lied, misled and embarrassed yourself, your family, your political allies and party and your state’s citizenry.  It is time that you “just go away” and, if you refuse to go away, then “shut up.”  Your actions in the last few days have, as Tammy Bruce noted yesterday, shown you as much a “child” as your four sons.  The continuous diarrhea coming out of your mouth is insulting to your wife, who should have the courtesy of your silence, and leads me to question whether you have any concept of your responsibilities as a father to your four sons.  It is TIME, Governor Sanford, to stop thinking of yourself, stop publicly lamenting your forbidden love, and start acting like a MAN, a HUSBAND, a FATHER and, finally, a GOVERNOR.

Rant No. 2 – Presidential Hypocrisy.  Any rational and studious observer of the recent presidential campaign was given ample opportunity to hear Obama’s criticism of Bush Iraq policy, including the incessant critique over the futility of the surge and America’s unnecessary involvement in an emerging Iraqi civil war.  The campaign record is replete with Obama’s arrogant pronouncements of all things wrong with Iraq and President Bush’s leadership.  Undoubtedly, such empty rhetoric played into the media’s infatuation with assigning blame to the previous administration for all earthly and out-of-earthly matters, from the sun rising in the east to the moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans.  Filling out the attack on President Bush was frequent Democratic criticism of our troops as agents of terror in the Iraqi night and murderers at Haditha.  So . . . color me a little bit nauseated when I hear our President stand yesterday to laud the incredible sacrifice of the American military and civilians who brought Iraq through the mire of conflict – as if he had been with them all along.  What guile!! Mr. President, you are a phony and a hypocrite of the first order.  Funny . . . amidst all of the accolades showered among his former objects of scorn, there was nary a comment of appreciation for President Bush, who withstood Republican and Democrat criticism in order to stand with his military leaders in their call for a changed Iraq policy.  President Obama may have been remiss in such an oversight, but I will say it, nevertheless.  Thank you, President Bush.  Job well done.

Rant No. 1 – America is No Longer a Beacon for Freedom, Nor a Shining City on the Hill to Millions Around the World.  Picture this: Iranians, vested with the same inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as you and me, marching in the streets of Tehran seeking FREEDOM – the right to speak freely, the right to associate and the right to have their vote count.  Then: An Iranian government crackdown, led by a mullah who supports the election of a madman, Holocaust denier, leading to blood in the streets of Tehran.  Where’s America? . . . a deafening silence.  For five days, muted criticism and a pledge to stay out of Iranian internal affairs.  Only after a video of a woman dying in the streets hits the internet does our president feel sufficiently moved to express that America is “appalled and outraged.”  Sorry, Mr. President, but “outrage” five days after the fact ain’t outrage.  Millions of Iranians having every bit the courage of Patrick Henry now are left to wonder – is that it, America?  While the executions gather momentum in the recesses of Iranian streets, America resumes its silence.  Yet, simultaneously, when a Marxist who is attempting to subvert the constitutional limitations on his power is forcibly removed from office in Honduras, America leads the charge to see that international support coalesces around the deposed Honduran president.  There’s no five day wait to voice America’s outrage at the actions of freedom-loving Hondurans – no, rather, American scorn is immediate and substantial.  And Hondurans, who have supported a constitutional democracy with their courage and blood, are left to wonder – is that it, America?  While the deposed president does the talk-show circuit with fellow Marxists, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez, America trumpets his legitimacy.  The examples go on and on – America unhesitatingly tells its staunchest Middle East ally, Israel, to stop building settlements in the West Bank, while Obama reaches out to Arabs indicating that America will not overstep its bounds in dealing with the Muslim world.  America is shrinking, ladies and gentlemen.  Obama is urging upon America a status as a second-ranked, “has been” power, which will shy away from advancing the cause of freedom and promise of liberty in deference to despotic leadership.  We are exhibiting a national cowardice never seen before in the history of our republic and the cause of human dignity, the cause of America’s role in human rights is now seriously in question.  And, for that we have only one person to thank . . . President Barack Obama.