Who in the Hell is OUR President?

Spending this weekend doing Obama’s 90 day review.  He is my employee, after all.  A month ago or so – in fairness to him – I urged a preliminary review using my kindergarten report card.   He was just a new president – it seemed a “kinder, gentler” way to review his nascent efforts.

I am done being nice. Done. I woke up this morning to see our – OUR? – president shaking hands and hamming it up with Hugo Chavez, America’s most vocal critic on this side of the Atlantic. This is the same man, who in recent years in speeches to leaders of other sworn enemies of our country has spoken gleefully, in fact – prayerfully – for America’s demise. Yep, Chavez is worthy of a little Obama chest bump. (And no, Janeane, that’s not racist – even overweight white guys like me will occasionally chest bump, too.) I know . . . I know – it will be said that the president was just being polite and cordial with Senor Chavez. It’s funny how that same sense of decorum and protocol didn’t scare the president’s recent encounters with Prime Minister Brown and President Sarkozy.

Anyway, I digress – back to his 90 day review.

Let’s see – how has our President done in handling our economy? Well, he’s managed to bloat the federal bureaucracy to a size never before seen in our republic’s history, to triple our country’s annual budget deficit and to burden my children’s grandchildren with such vast amounts of debt that it is distinctly possible that the American way of life, as we have known it, is but a mere dream to them. In the meantime, we have seen no significant improvement in our economy – hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs each month.

And, the scary thing is – Obama is just getting started. Cap & Trade will raise the cost of energy for all American families by thousands of dollars per year, but we will get the privilege of saying that we are producing less CO2, while the Chinese, Indians and the Russians produce as much as they want. I thought it was global warming – maybe, our president will make wind stop.

And, if the president doesn’t kill off long-term economic growth with America’s growing piles of debt, then we can look forward to any increases in our personal incomes being taxed away to support ever-growing entitlement programs for those who seemingly have had difficulty capitalizing communizing in our new green economy. From each according to their ability to pay and labor to each according to their need. Is it really any wonder that our president finds so much to smile about with Daniel Ortega?

As to foreign policy, the president has been nothing short of an abject failure. Now, I know . . . he went on his Apology Tour of Europe and everyone loved him. Why? Because from the moment he landed in London until he left Baghdad, the American president did nothing but prostrate America before one foreign leader after another – literally bowing to the Saudi King, while his press spokesman excused it as simply searching for a hand to shake. What?

Home for a week, lift travel restrictions with communist Cuba, and then off to Latin America to play buddy, buddy with socialist Chavez and stand mute during a nearly hour long tongue lashing from communist Ortega. Hard to think of Reagan at Reykjavik and Obama at Trinidad in the same breath, isn’t it?

Speaking of Cuba – our president declares a decision to make a decision about closing GITMO in one year – after all, it has to close – the Syrians, Cubans and Iranians will like us better if we do. And, after the decision to make a decision, the president sends Attorney General Eric Holder to GITMO to inspect the facility. Holder leaves calling it a “well run, professional facility” – hey, Mr. President, bet you wish you had seen the facility before signing those executive orders? Now, where do we go? How about we house those terrorists at the Washington Armory? I mean the president’s backyard is as good as mine, right?

The “Where is Hillary?” wallpaper is now the new bathroom craze in Bethesda. Word has it that Hillary has been spotted at the Starbucks in Old Town and in a cab on her way to Dulles – but those sightings are weeks old. Rumor has it she can be seen in the background of the president’s and Hugo Chavez’s book party in Trinidad the other day, with a multi-colored wig and holding a sign that said “John 3:16.” The sign was quickly covered up by the president’s advance team and Hillary was reportedly seen struggling with white-coated secret service personnel taking her from the party to an extended vacation on St. Kitt.

You know your administration is off to a rough start, when your choice for Administration Employee of the Quarter is either a tax cheat you appointed as Secretary of the Treasury, an Attorney General who managed to call all Americans “cowards” in his first significant departmental speech, or a Department of Homeland Security Secretary whose first major policy release is a memorandum describing how America’s greatest domestic threat is not al-qaeda sneaking across the border, but the right wing extremists who I attend church with – oops, that makes me one of them! Ah, who to choose? Late entry – the HHS nominee – no, he can’t make the awards dinner – otherwise occupied. Ok, Holder, you win.

Finally, as to the president’s claimed efforts at transparency and making his administration a government of the people – repeatedly broken promises to hold bills for five days of public review and presidential enemies lists seem to have eviscerated “better government” objectives. Combine that with the administration’s orchestrated use of major media outlets, courtesy of their morning talking points updates choreographed by Rahmbo, and you have a government which is reflective of nothing but the president’s emerging socialist agenda. The president’s town hall listening tour stopped in Istanbul, but apparently didn’t have a stop in middle America to hear the voices of millions of people who view the direction that this administration is heading as dangerous – perhaps if we change our names to be reminiscent of third world dictators, our reception will be more friendly.

Bottom line – our president is changing America and not for the better. The main stream media is still carrying his water, because his leftist agenda provides cover to every left-wing economic and foreign policy objective thought of in the last 50 years. Argue against his policies and we’re labeled racists or Congress seeks out ways to mute our voices. This is not the America I want, nor the America you should want, and the sooner we make that irrevocably known will be the day we rediscover the country we love. November, 2010 can not come fast enough.