GM's Wagoner Steps Down at White House Insistence - A Socialist Move? Try Communist.

Within the last few hours, it has been leaked to multiple news sources that GM’s Rick Wagoner has agreed to step down as Chief Executive Officer at President Obama’s insistence, on its face as a condition of further bailout financing.  While it may be the visceral reaction of many that this is exactly what needs to occur in order for GM to obtain more taxpayer money, let me disabuse those “many” of this notion.

This strongarm move with GM should ring an alarm for all freedom-loving, capitalist Americans.  Folks, we are no longer tending towards socialism in this administration, we are now traveling down the road towards communism.  Let me explain the difference. 

Socialism is the state sponsored equitable, typically “equal,” division of the spoils – from those according to their labor to those according to their need.  But, the government doesn’t typically own or manage the means of production within industry.  Look to Sweden as a shining example of this wrong-headed political and economic structure.

Communism is a step, a scary step, further.  Communism involves the systematic takeover and ownership and management of the means of production.  State run industries, guided in accordance with strong central control and a national economic plan, largely immune from market influences and awash in inefficiencies, are characteristics of communist economic systems.  Look to the Soviet Union as a terrific example of this miserable system.

Which system does President Obama’s ushering GM management out of their jobs more closely resemble to you?  Socialism or Communism?  If you don’t think that this is designed to strengthen federal control over the domestic auto industry, then I have a bridge in Tampa to sell you.  If you want to double down, what do you think the chances are that UAW head Ron Gittelfinger loses his job?

We ought to be very, VERY concerned about this occurrence this evening.  The implications for America and the American economy are staggering.  American liberty and freedom are being assaulted like never before.  If there was ever a question about where this Administration is taking America and our economy, Mr. Wagoner’s removal provides the clearest answer to date.