Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Beginning to see a pattern – Obama announces a policy and then announces an exception to his policy, while claiming that his policy is the best policy to ever be adopted.  If that sounds innane, it is.  If that strikes you as duplicitous, it is.  If that strikes you as hypocritical, it is.
  • For those who haven’t heard – exceptions nos. 2 and 3 have been made to President Obama’s “no lobbyist” in my government rule.  So let’s see, we aren’t even two months into the new administration and President Obama’s new no lobbyist rule – the key to the most ethical administration in history – is well . . . I couldn’t see . . . Did President Obama have his fingers crossed when he announced this policy?  Because if he did, well, then it doesn’t count.
  • Oh and for those that haven’t heard – and, if you haven’t, we need to talk – President Obama’s “no earmarks” in my budget rule which he announced during the campaign and stated would be in force from the day he took office, well . . . he really meant that he would invoke that rule next year and DARN IT, he means it, NO EARMARKS in next year’s budget.  Is this guy serious?
  • What do you want to bet that GITMO isn’t closed within a year?  Attorney General Holder goes to GITMO and finds it to be a “well run, professional” facility – now can someone . . . perhaps Attorney General Holder . . . explain to me, why you would close a well run, professional facility just to bring hardened terrorists who have killed our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and neighbors to a prison NEAR YOU?  More on GITMO in a future post.
  • 122 . . . 122 – that’s the number of men and women who lost their jobs at Duncan Aviation yesterday in Battle Creek, Michigan, which I formerly represented.  122 . . . 122 – that’s the number of families in West Michigan who have now been added to the unemployment lists which have beset this state over the last six years.  Duncan, which for months has been doing everything it can to avoid this result, issued a press release announcing the loss of more than 300 jobs nationwide, including the aforementioned 122 in Michigan.  It asserted that a substantial basis for its decision was the damaging effect from recent political grandstanding of national politicians – largely, Democrats – regarding the use of private jet travel.  This one is on you, Pelosi, Frank and Dodd.
  • For the first time in my life, I am at an age where my President is roughly the same age as me.  Frankly, it’s liberating in some respect.  I know the way that my generation thinks.  I know the greed and thirst for power which permeates some in my generation.  I know when a peer is shooting straight and when I am being [email protected]$%ed.  That being said, I am being [email protected])_ed – we are all being bullsh&@ed .  It is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day that President Obama is a fraud – someone who doesn’t say what he means and doesn’t mean what he says, someone who speaks of fiscal responsibility in the light of day and then slinks into darkness to approve fiscal ineptitude, someone who wants to give the impression of being hands on, yet ultimately doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.  God help us.