Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Amateur hour continues at the White House.  While I share few, if any, political views with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the importance of the historical relationship between the United States and Great Britain warrants appropriate protocol be followed.  Hey, Rahmbo – when the British Prime Minister comes to town, it’s a BIG DEAL and the White House, including President Obama, should treat it as such.
  • I wonder whether the White House refused a full-blown East Room Press Conference that might accompany the first visit from a British Prime Minister to a new administration, because it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to script (via teleprompter) much of the press conference with Prime Minister Brown present.
  • Attorney General Holder calls Guantanamo a well run professional facility, but we’re going to close it anyway.  Can someone please explain to me why the United States would close a well run professional prison facility housing some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, so we can bring them to the American homelandPresident Obama, why are you hell-bent on closing this facility?  Because the “world” thinks we should?  Who are you obligated to protect, President Obama?  America or the world?
  • David Brooks is surprised that Obama is a “leftist.”  Yes, apparently, he’s had his Gomer Pyle moment – surprise, surprise, surprise!!  Why are you shocked, David?  Because you had dinner with him at George Will’s house and he seemed like such a nice guy?  Puh-leeeeze.  David, please stop passing yourself off as a conservative.  It’s time for you to be honest.  When the New York Times goes belly up, where are you more likely to apply for a job?  National Review or the Huffington Post?
  • Pure observation of no particular consequence- there is something not right with President Obama.  I have commented on it earlier, but I can’t overcome this visceral feeling that beyond his appallingly leftist political agenda, there is something exceedingly Nixonian about him – a strong undercurrent of passive aggressiveness, arrogance and dismissive anger.  A very dangerous combination.