Dear Mr. Steele . . .

Two words of advice.  Grow up.

It’s not good enough that you apologized . . . issued your mea culpa.  In one silly interview, you have foolishly made your inflated ego the story, instead of seizing the moment to promote the Republican alternative to the greatest federal power grab in American history.  That Republican alternative, Mr. Steele, whether you like it or not has been carried . . . yes, carried, by Rush Limbaugh, at points in time over the last eight years when one prominent Republican after another has sold his or her soul for momentary grasps at power and influence and others just observed from the cheap seats.  For you to criticize, as incendiary, a Republican, who defends those values which conservatives cherish and expresses a desire that the Obama surge toward socialism fails, says far more about your brand of leadership than it does Mr. Limbaugh or his views.

If you want to lead a majority, then you better start thinking like the majority, Mr. Steele.  Great leaders aren’t threatened by the presence and views of other leaders – if they share certain common beliefs, a good leader learns to involve those others as part of their team.

Your turn at leadership must start, Mr. Steele, with you acting like you are comfortable with aged and traditional Republican principles of limited government, liberty and fiscal responsibility.  The measure of your leadership will ultimately turn, Mr. Steele, on whether you will defend those Republican principals and those Republicans who embody those ideals in everything they do – no one, Mr. Steele, no one, short of Ronald Wilson Reagan, has embodied these principles more consistently than Rush Limbaugh.

Mr. Limbaugh is not your competition, Mr. Steele.  He could be your biggest cheerleader and most effective communicator of the direction you wish to take the Republican party – but this is up to you.  If you are ready to accept this help, then you will likely succeed.  If you are not ready to accept this help, then you assuredly will fail.

It’s your choice.  For the sake of our party and America, make the right one.